Brothers in Arms Gets Cross-Platform Multiplayer

Gearbox Software is one of a number of developers to already take advantage of a new PC-PS3 cross-platform online play solution that's been integrated into Unreal Engine 3.

In a nutshell, Epic has licensed GameSpy online tech and squeezed it into its hugely popular UE3 technology, "enabling seamless PlayStation 3 and PC online functionality. Functionality available to Unreal Engine 3 licensees via GameSpy will include cross-platform gameplay, communication tools and competition applications."

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machine_B4022d ago

now how can MS justify having to pay to play online on the PC and cross platform?

WilliamRLBaker4022d ago

Cause the only reason UE3 based games use cause Gamespy is intergrated into UE3.... If that wasn't there...there would be no PC-Ps3 Games...Unless sony came up with their own solution.

marinelife94022d ago

I hope they start implementing gamespy technology into more engines besides UE3. I think Epic is definitely on to something. Especially not having to pay to play.

Rybnik4022d ago

Now that this is confirmed, what do you all want to bet that Epic (being the maker of UE3, after all) is one of these "other developers"

spammy_nooo4022d ago

first off let me say that if we start seeing this in pretty much every multi-plat game im gonna be one happy camper.

im just wondering where the 360 is in all this. i guess it doesnt really matter if you have a ps3 also but still, i really feel for those people who only have a 360 right now(in the multi-plat play/online dept).

maybe with any luck MS will put their backs into this and help epic out getting the ball rolling for the 360. who knows, maybe ps3-360 play will one day be brought to fruition.

haha i can imagine it now. "ps3 is better"/"no 360 is better"/"you wanna settle this right here, right now?"/"YOURE ON!!!!!"
*starts up UT3.

ahhh, good times.

peksi4022d ago (Edited 4022d ago )

But Microsoft will not tolerate any GameSpys or other third party products messing with their systems. MS is known to support poorly any cross platform functionality, it's mostly been everyone else following MS because of their dominant position in many areas.

ShiftyLookingCow4022d ago

cool, competition rocks, hope more UE3 games will utilize this feature, I actually don't like cross platform multiplayer but this might force MS to do something more about their stagnant paid GfW Live platform(unlike normal GfW which is doing great and probably going end up being the standard label for PC gaming)

Rybnik4022d ago (Edited 4022d ago )

I sure hope so. I would be extremely pissed if MS somehow managed to force all PC multiplayer gaming into their GFWlive subscription service. I do not doubt that this is their intention once they effectively trap everyone in Vista. IF MS has their way, the days of free PC gaming may be numbered.

To me it would be truly sad, but ironically funny if MS succeeds and the PS3 becomes the only truly subscription free online platform.

ShiftyLookingCow4022d ago (Edited 4022d ago )

you do know that gamers in GfW live can play against each other for free? Its only the cross platform multiplayer, friends list and achievements that cost money.

Like it or not Vista is here to stay and its a lot better than XP was during its launch and "Games for Windows" brand is good in my opinion.

[edit] so this comment was worth an ignore and a bubble, I don't care really. I guess somebody had a bad experience with vista, still I had a horrible nightmare with xp when it came out.

WilliamRLBaker4022d ago

Yes its a big conspiracy oh yes *rolls eyes*
Let alone the fact Microsoft would get in trouble for it, Users WOULD STOP using their OS if they did that, As well Game publishers would start making games for MAC and Linux if that happend.

And like darth said, Windows live is free for pc to pc play *just like all ways* the only thing that costs any thing is PC to console play, advanced live matchmaking, and Achievements.

All of which OUT OF THE BOX pc gamers dont have, the only thing comming close is Gamespy, where you have to pay to get no advertisements in its software, and Xfire which is truely free.

Rybnik4022d ago

While I do know that it is CURRENTLY free for GFWlive players (aside from x-platform play) I know that MS would be overjoyed if somehow they were able to charge even pc to pc online play. I REALLY hope this never happens, because it would be a horrible, horrible thing if it did. I'm just saying it is a slight possibility given the lengths MS goes to prevent anything (really valuable) from being free.

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