Super Smash Bros. Brawl adds Tether Recovery

Being knocked out of the arena might not cost you a life in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. The latest update to Nintendo's Smash Bros. Dojo blog shows off a tether recovery mechanic that will allow players to latch onto the ledges as a last-second life saver.

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Omega Kaze4018d ago

Isn't it great how they kept something from the old game in the new game? Updates should be new features in the game, not old ones that we just expect to be there. Oh well, anyways I do love how the site has new info everyday. Hopefully they reveal some more videos or characters in the next couple of weeks or so....thats not a pokemon trainer.

texism4018d ago

Old SSB had the tether recovery in it? I didn't know that. I knew you could do a special move while going op or double jump but I didn't know it had a tether recovery.

BrotherNick4017d ago

I think that might've been with link and samus in melee...I'm not too sure.