EA Staffer Attempts to Alter Wiki History

Someone at EA doesn't want you to know about Trip Hawkins, the publishing giant's original founder. On multiple occasions, a user with an IP address of a range registered to Electronic Arts' Redwood City headquarters--has tried to remove several references to Hawkins' legacy from the Electronic Arts Wikipedia page.

Shacknews made the discovery using a tool called Wikipedia Scanner, made by Cal Tech grad student Virgil Griffith and detailed in a recent Wired article. The tool cross-references the anonymous Wikipedia editors' IP addresses with a WHOIS IP query and other data.

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Jdash243901d ago

or to alter the company to one that knows how to develop on next gen consoles?

FeralPhoenix3901d ago

EA you're not helping your imgage.

Rybnik3901d ago

Do I smell a potential scandal brewing...getting called out on major bullshot photos is one thing, this is on a whole different level. Not good at all.