Red ring of death just "mass hysteria"?

There's an interesting theory on the Xbox 360's Red Ring of Death phenomenon: We all know that Microsoft is dealing with so many console returns, but there's a possibility that some 360 owners just caved in to the Xbox 360 red ring of death "mass hysteria". They immediately turned in their consoles upon seeing the four red lights, contributing to the reported high failure rate of the console.

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BlLL GATES3934d ago

when it comes to the 360.
its a system designed to work for a short while, and fail accordingly.

FreedomReign3934d ago

My explanation - a really nice ora.

bumnut3934d ago

anyone else getting bored with bill gates comments?

i will stick my neck out and guess yes.

Hatchetforce3934d ago (Edited 3934d ago )

Microsoft can suck a fat baby's butt. It wasn't mass hysteria that had me on the line with tech support as they walked me through 45 minutes of denial. It wasn't mass hysteria that had me on with tech support for an hour when the seond box arrived and was DOA right from the start. The only game I have played on Live in the past month and a half is HALO2 for Vista over Games for Windows.

I like a lot of the 360 titles I purchased. I am a huge HALO fan. Hell my license plate holder even says, 'My other car is a Warthog' I have a Halo 3 edition of the 360 preordered. But this is just pure BS. They are screwing over very loyal customers. Not complaining doesn't make you loyal, just a victim.

As regards Bills comments, in this case no. The truth is bitter but unless we raise hell, MS won't do anything. It took a massive public outcry and the threat of impending lawsuits to get MS to do what they should have done without pressure.

devi8i3933d ago (Edited 3933d ago )

I have already put BG on Ignore and I suggest everyone else follow suit...

as for mass hysteria, I think not. One cannot simply send in their unit for repair. You have to call the support line, and after being walked through many steps including unplugging all your cables, removing the hard drive, plugging the console into a different power outlet, reattaching all the cables in the order they tell you to on the phone, rinse and repeat, THEN and only then will they issue you a return number and packaging.

PS - If you disagree with me, please speak up as to why. If you believe I am wrong then please show me the error in my ways so that I can change my opinion.

MikeGdaGod3933d ago

yea..........i bet thats what MS hopes it is

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COCK3934d ago Show
reaperxciv3934d ago (Edited 3934d ago )

is the E68 - video cable error.

In order to fix this, power down the xbox360 and reattach the supplied AV/HD cable in it's specified receptacle.

ben hates you3933d ago

three red lights internal error(i know because i droped my first xbox 360 and other) and four means cable error i know because when i got my new one it had four the second i hooked it up and freaked out and reattached all my cables and then i got the green light

sfinXters3934d ago

Could be true, but not likely. Mass hysteria could only affect those on-line and reading gaming sites, but most of xbox (and other console) users don't and probably don't even know about the scale of the issue.

Gizmo_Logix3934d ago (Edited 3934d ago )

And back in 2006 when RROD was just starting to gain critical mass. Gamers weren't just automatically turning in their consoles. It's like any electronic device that acts funny. You walk up to it, check the cables, look behind it, reset it a few times, take the disc out, clean it, etc..You check it out.

Even today. You'll sill get people try to "fix" their 360 BEFORE sending it in. It's not like there's some robotic box that pops out of the wall, ready to ship it in, and whoosh it away to Microsoft's HQ like The Jetsons conveyor belt. No, first people try to fix it, shake it, wrap it in a towel or any of the other tricks they use, BEFORE going to the trouble of actually boxing it and actually shipping it.

Just look at the YouTube vids. The moment someone gets the RROD they try many things before sending it off.

What this means is that in addition to the 33% there's a small few (knuckle heads) that send it off without first trying to check it themselves.

FreedomReign3934d ago

When I got the 4 red lights, for the first time.
I thought my console had fried. This is before I knew 4 was different from 3.

True I did the troubleshooting and it worked, but only after disconnecting all cables, USB devices, controllers, and the HDD. I can see, how some would just bring it back to the store.

I can also see how phone support would miss it.

I work in IT, and you just can't underestimate the user. Of those who call at least half just don't care to try ANYTHING before calling, and the other half, are determined they know the problem before you even try to help.

That's IT in a nutshell.

Rageanitus3934d ago

The problem is if you get the 4 rings often and you have to remove all cables , there is a problem

I had very very similar problems on a PC power supply and guess what power cycling and physicaly pulling the cords is the first signs of a faulty power supply.

I spoke to a few individuals who work on desktop support and they say this eventually leads to a fried component on the mobo.

In essense dont underestimate the stupedness of clients but also dont over estimate the capablitly of hardware. This type of troubleshooting just seems like a temporary fix and its not solving the rootcause of the problem

FreedomReign3934d ago

This happened last december after a power outage. Thanks for the heads up though. Sorry if it sounded like I had to do this more than once.

That was the first, and only time I got the 4 lights. Since then np.
Console was purchased Nov 22, 2005.

So you can see why I feel somewhat blessed. Only reason I've called Xbox is to try changing my American XBL account, to a Canadian one. Wouldn't let me. Damn you MS!

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caffman3934d ago

since none of the people on my friends list (98) have had 3 rings, and it's supposed to happen on 33% of consoles, this could be an explaination. However, I'm now waiting for the SDF to say that I'm lying and the story was put on by one of the biggest xbox fans on here.

Hatchetforce3934d ago

No one onm my friends list had it either. Then I got hit. After that it wasn't hysteria, it was bad karma as 5 of the 10 people on my list when down in flames. That isn't SDF, that is the way things are.

Trying to say something doesn't exist isn't going to handle the problem. It just amazes me that in the light of so much evidence, people want to deny deny deny.

My first 360 went down and I paid $139. Even though MS announced any console purchased before 1 January 2006 would be repaired free, I had to pay as they said it didn't apply to me because mine was a launch console. I though I was going to have to choke tech support. "Hey asshole, I picked up my console on 22 November 2005."

They then put me on hold and the guy came back with "Uh yeah, that policy is no longer in effect. $139. Cha..ching."

This is a legitimate issue, well documented, and it is bad. You think we like having an issue and losing gaming time and the ability to be there on a release day of a particular title? Get stuffed. It isn't mass hysteria or operator idiocy. it's a damn console that was rushed out the frigging door without thorough testing.

The problem has been documented quite well and in a recent MS teleconference Robbie the Taxman Bach even said it was an 'engineering flaw'. Everyone in the industry knows that what MS has done with the 3 year warranty is what is commonly known as an 'unofficial recall.'

FreedomReign3934d ago

I mean launch console or not, they owe you $139. So did they pay you?

Hatchetforce3933d ago (Edited 3933d ago )

They told me the check would be mailed out and I would receive it in about 6 weeks. It is going on Week 7 and I still don't have the check or the 3rd console back. Called TS and they said the console had been sent then I was transferred to another department for the check and that has been released.

I am not holding my breath. It has been a disappointing experience to say the least. I was the first person in line to get my Xbox 1. I have been a Live member since the day it launched. I have a chest full of HALO clothing, shirts, hats, etc. I fully supported MS and I still support Bungie and companies like Epic. I was the first person at the local EB to reserve a 360 - even beat then manager onto the list. Had it since day one. Every major shooter release I preordered and picked up the CE or LE if they had one. I have a HALO Zune and Run HALO 1 and 2 on the PC with HALO2 on Vista Ultimate. Hell I was on there yesterday playing the Campaign. And as I have mentioned on here, I have pre-ordered the HALO 3 edition of the 360 along with assorted swag. What I am getting at is I was the customer that Peter Moore talked about as the core of the 360 platform and quite frankly if you heard some of the conversations I had with tech support I was treated like crap.

I am not some Sony fanboy, although I have a PS3, really like it and am a big Metal Gear/SOCOM/Killzone player. I think right now Sony is beginning to do everything right and MS has stumbled and is doing everything wrong. Their initial vision was about the gamer and now their vision has become about the buck. A company has to make money to flourish and I haven't had a problem with that. I don't have an issue paying for Live, but you do have to look at that as an additional cost.

A year from now I do not believe this will be a contest anymore. Although I am looking forward to some MS titles like Mass Effect, HALO Wars, and the Peter Jackson HALO game, I think the technology and innovations in the PS3 are going to move ahead. I am not talking about raw power. Naturally as developers grasp the techniques of parallel processing better things are going to continue to move ahead rapidly. I also expect innovations from companies like Guerrilla to be dumped back into updates of Edge. But I am talking about innovation and a console that allows more relevant expansion.

Peter Moore stood up and said something along the lines of, "What matter most to customers is how they are treated" You better believe it.

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