How To Mount That PlayStation Eye Camera With Minimal Fuss

The PlayStation Move controller requires that you set a PlayStation Eye camera above or below your TV. Don't think that'll work for you? Neither did I, until discovering this trick. Try it yourself.

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Bobbykotickrulesz2753d ago (Edited 2753d ago )

Are you kidding me, kotaku?

You made a fucking guide on how to set your camera on or around your TV?
First you clearly slow down a GT5 video and now you make a guide about this?
How dumb do you think we are?


Well, that makes one of us.

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Parapraxis2753d ago

Kotaku didn't actually slow down that GT5 video, the site that published it did (probably un-intentionally) It was Kotaku's shite reporting, jumping the gun, sensationalizing and all round stubbornness to admit they were wrong that made them lose a load of cred.

CrawFail2753d ago

What the hell is wrong with you?
The PSEye is built in such a way that the lead that connects it to your PS3 hinders positioning of the camera because it's too rigit, this alleviates that problem and they've produced a pretty informative video showing something which I'm sure will help out a fair few people. You're comment is a pure hater comment and completely unfounded. Look at all the people below who have tried this and have had success with it.
You obviously have a personal problem with them to be so bitter against them for trying to help people out a bit.
In the future think before you post, otherwise you'll end up looking like an arsehole again.

Terarmzar2753d ago

Next article
How to Mount Kinect with minimal fuss
(Kinect is like 2x the size of the PS Eyetoy)

Hallmark Moment2753d ago (Edited 2753d ago )

Not sure the reason why you mentioned Kinect, Kinect has Telescopic vision/cameras needing a wide head plus it has the latest hardware in it. There doesn't need to be a video on Kinect, Kinect has wall mounting accessories, stands, flat panel HDTV clips etc.


The OP was just telling a joke but I guess xbox lovers have no sence of humor. Since Kenect was designed to be a Better eyetoy just like move was designed to be a better Wii controler I think its ok to mention Kenect.

CobraKai2753d ago

Will it fit on those thin-ass OLED TVs mounted to a wall?

Tarmgar2753d ago

Can we say.... Ghetto rigging :D lol.

hatchimatchi2753d ago

Step 1: Open the box
Step 2: Sit it on the TV

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