Epic Will 'Find a Way' for Xbox 360 Mods

Earlier today, a comment from Epic Games VP Mark Rein sparked controversy about the 2008-bound Unreal Tournament 3 for Xbox 360. Rein was quoted as saying the Xbox 360 version might not have as many maps on the shipped disc as on PlayStation 3 due to DVD size limitations. A reasonable assumption, but the comment was quickly dogpiled as a negative against Microsoft's platform, something Rein took enough issue with to respond on his company's official message boards.

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BlLL GATES3846d ago

this is epic's way of trying to convince people that the 360 version will not be a total failure like every other 360 game.

in the end however, they will get screwed. this time not by each other's c0cks, but by a game company.

360_Rules3846d ago

You do know Gears of War is on the 360. Madden can't even run at 60fps on the PS3. LMAO the UT3 loading times on the PS3 are going to be much longer then the 360 version. Enjoy your Movie Player! Hahahahhahhahaha

Staircase3846d ago (Edited 3846d ago )

Madden can run 60FPS on the PS3, the Devs just aren't experienced with it. And where is this info that loading times will be faster on the 360?

360_Rules3846d ago

Everyone knows that DVD9 is faster then Blu-Ray.

achira3846d ago

blu ray is faster than DVD9 in the xbox360 you moron.

Saint Sony3846d ago (Edited 3846d ago )

Says the pimple faced teenage virgin. Grow up kid, we all know you sleep with 360 and just because you have "wanna be Bill Gates" written all over your face won't make it happen. You fail in so many aspects.

Ignore ftw.

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nice_cuppa3846d ago

the news was posted on this site !!!

wow !

Real Gambler3846d ago

You buy the game, then, you download all the missing maps to your Core hard disk.... Ooooops, no hard disk.

gEnKiE3846d ago sucks being a ps3 owner and buying the version without the hard drive, now i cant play ut with mods.....ohh wait, every ps3 has an hard drive and better yet, a new disk format that can fit entire games on it plus more... :)

TheMART3846d ago

Jees. PS3 has no Bioshock... PS3 has no Gears... PS3 gets no Halo 3... The 3 games that about made/make this years gaming. And UT3 will be on 360 next year. BIOSHOCK

achira3846d ago

lol are there only fps on your fps box ? noone needs halo3, gears is old, and bioshock will come to ps3. i could call more titles wich you will never play because they are ps3 exclusive, and they are not fps games!

Saint Sony3846d ago

Could you please post the link where it say BIOSHOCK comes to PS3. Confirmed one please. Please.

gEnKiE3846d ago

ok, halo isnt worth my time, im sure bioshock will make an appearance on the ps3, if not, i got a pc. i really would like to play gears though....ohh, lol, its on pc also. :)

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