Roll up for new Beautiful Katamari screens and info

It's to be hoped that Namco Bandai's Beautiful Katamari isn't swamped in the usual Holiday deluge of must-have software, but GamerSquad's fears for the series' next-gen debut are very real. Still, those who manage to overlook the charms of Halo 3 and company in order to spend some quality time with the Prince could be in for a real treat... if the latest screens and information on the game are anything to go by.

Apparently, the Xbox 360 exclusive will sport a four-player online mode that lets players face off in a "Thingy Battle", where the objective is to roll up the most of one particular item (chosen by the King of all Cosmos, naturally).

Check out the screens with GamerSquad...

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mike_mgoblue3988d ago

I really LOVE these kinds of games!

Beuatiful Katamari is one of the games that was originally announced for the Playstation 3, and it really got my attention. But then, it was also announced for the Xbox 360...and then, it was completely cancelled for the Playstation 3 (sadly, the same thing happened with Fatal Inertia and a couple others).

So, now, Beautiful Katamari is only on the Xbox 360, so that is the system I am fired up to be playing it on!!! I am REALLY looking forward to Beautiful Katamari!!!

I have always been a fan of Namco because they create classics like Beautiful Katamari and Ace Combat 6.