Stranglehold multiplayer absent at Midway event

GamesRadar showed up at the Mezzanine on Thursday night doe-eyed and eager to partake in the world premiere of Stranglehold's multiplayer mode. Can diving gunmen butt heads? Could they make bullets collide in mid-air? If four players activate the slow-mo, Tequila Time mode, simultaneously, would it spawn an alternate reality where the game never existed? The answer is...

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MK_Red4058d ago

I'm beginning to think that Stranglehold either lacks multiplayer or it was an after thought much like Darkness.

Yosking4058d ago

for the heads up, Im new at posting reports =).
Anyways, I think stranglehold would be more fun with multiplayer and it would extend the games life span. I'm looking forward to this game, reminds me of Maz payne/matrix.