Top 7 Definitive MGS Moments

GAmesRadar recounts the seminal action-stealth series:

"For an outsider, it's hard to see what's so damn special about any 3rd person action-stealth game these days. We get a Splinter Cell almost annually and Vampire Rain ain't exactly lighting the world on fire. So, why do gamers like us constantly heap massive amounts of praise for writer/producer/director Hideo Kojima's Metal Gear Solid series? Somehow, his successful formula of flawed characters, anime-inspired giant robots and whacked-out villains with more emotional baggage than your ex-girlfriend yields an endearing mix of battlefield drama and quirky comedy."

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MK_Red3987d ago

For me the most definitive moments were:
5.Wolf shoots Meryl in MGS1.
4.When I saw old Snake in MGS4.
3.Enter the Solidus! (MGS2)
2.The tragic death of Grey Fox by Metal Gear in MGS1.
1.The last battle with the Boss and the aftermath when we learn more. "Loyal to the end"

Lord Anubis3987d ago (Edited 3987d ago )

no Raiden's cartwheels?

just kidding you lad

MK_Red3987d ago

Good one :)

OMG, I forgot to mention Psychomatis!
Updated list:
7.The first battle with Metal Gear Rex in MGS1.

I also loved MGS3's ending, MGS2's pre-ending with Ocelot shooting Fortune, MGS3's battle with Sarrow and finally, last duel with Wolf in MGS1.

Lord Anubis3987d ago

for me is psychomatis and grayfox.

BlLL GATES3987d ago

a single moment in any ps game is better than an entire xbox game.
yeah. its that sad.

WIIIS13987d ago

Assuming that you are of the male gender, I must say your constant fantasies about and/ or obsession with c0ck sucking is beginning to hint of something more disturbing than just trolling. Hopefully when 5.0 Lair finally arrives, you'll have something else to do other than watch blu-ray gay porn.

But then it could be that you are just another PS3 girlie.

ArduousAndy3987d ago

you got tired of everyone ignoring you so you made a new account?

Staircase3987d ago (Edited 3987d ago )

God, just the plot twists in general is what does it for me. Running around having no idea in holy hell who your superiors are, and what their true motives are is interesting as hell. Truly one of my favorite series (Final Fantasy being the other.) Both series deliver an exceptional amount of storyline, gameplay, and tactics in to one big bundle of sex.

bumnut3987d ago

but for me, the storyline is far too cheesey and the games are full of very long cheesey cutscenes.

but i still love the games for the gameplay.

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