Gods of Gaming

David Jaffe says: "For me, once God of War finished, I felt I had sort of done all I could do as a Sony employee. I felt like there was nowhere else really for me to go in terms of advancement - not just career advancement - but sort of personal, spiritual, soulful advancement."

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Lord Anubis3993d ago (Edited 3993d ago )

I hope their games are not $10 games.

Captain Tuttle3992d ago

this is where their new company is heading...arcade type games. Too bad really.

DrPirate3993d ago

Ok Jaffe, go off and make another minigame and mouth off to anyone who gives you a bad review.

With Cory Barlog behind the wheel, no one misses you.

nix3992d ago

don't lose it! q:

keep those great games rollin'!!!!

God of Gaming3992d ago

I am pretty sure you owe me some compensation for the title of this story!!!!

Maldread3992d ago

Haha that`s some godly comedy.

On the more serious side, i hope Jaffe and his team will try to not make only downloadable games. I get what he is saying, but surely there should be room for both.

jackfatal3992d ago

this guy keep talking non-stop! he should take a break! i love god of war! and i like what he did in it but man he keep talking non-spot until he starts saying his love life his family his feelings his dreams his soul etc!! take it easy man! just a little easy!! maybe he wants to be famous or attract the media!! some people like attention!!
any way am waiting for ur 3 exclusives ps3 games!! we will see wat u mad off!

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