More Halo 3 info: PC version, Co-op, Diffculty & Beating Gears on Live

Gamespot's got more for you about Halo 3's co-op, the Heroic and Legendary levels, whether Halo 3 will beat Gears of War in the Xbox Live stakes, and details about the existence (or not) of the PC version.

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MoonDust3869d ago

I don't think H3 will be on PC for a long time.

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dachiefsman3869d ago

I found Bill Gates!!!!

I can see now why he hates himself.

BlLL GATES3869d ago (Edited 3869d ago )

i guess more people than i thought on this site suck c0ck

@ faagchiefsman
people disagree with me because they love the c0ck. thats the only logical explanation, and its a fact.

dachiefsman3869d ago

People disagree with you cause your posts spew garbarge and hate because you "LOVE" your PS3. You and your fellow fan boys (360 and PS3)give yourself and this site a bad rep. I understand everyone is entitled to an opinion, but most provided some factual basis to make an attempt at a legitimate argument. The problem with that is your not intelligent enough to come up with a concise premise to argue.

And your response....oh wait you can't.....

MADGameR3869d ago

Halo 3 for PC is coming after Halo 3 on X Box 369. Halo 3 will only be exclusive to the 360 for about 2 years.

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MK_Red3869d ago

This is my third Halo 3 related story in less than 30 minutes!

Anyway, I think its obvious that Halo 3 is going to beat Gears on Live.

toughNAME3869d ago

Gears is an awesome game

but once Halo 3 comes...Gears will get dusty

maybe ill play gears again around..xmas?

Dr Pepper3869d ago (Edited 3869d ago )

Cool interview. It's good to know that when the difficulty is increased, it changes the scenarios that you face (and doesn't just make your health decrease easier).

The BS Police3869d ago (Edited 3869d ago )

Because I hated that second Hanger Bay in Halo 2, lol.

Edit: If you made one wrong move you would be dead pretty fast.

MK_Red3869d ago

Great point. I really hate it when devs just decrease player health and increase enemy's and call it a new difficulty.

Harder diffculty should have more enemies at the very least and better, should feature exclusive new levels with smarter and stronger enemies IMO.

PS360PCROCKS3869d ago

Yeah I totally I have a reason to play on all modes to see the differences...

Dr Pepper3869d ago

What I also found interesting in this article is this quote:

"For multiplayer, it should be Heroic plus some of the stuff we haven't talked about yet, or Legendary."

Could the "other stuff" be possible ways of creating a custom campaign game? Like the ability to increase the number of enemies you're up against (without affecting the difficulty, games like GRAW 2 did this for the multiplayer part) or what? Any ideas what the unmentioned Heroic add-ons could be? Good find, MK_Red.

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The story is too old to be commented.