Batman: Arkham City Multiplayer confirmed Love it or hate it, multiplayer is coming to Batman: Arkham City. Confirmed in this months issue of the popular UK magazine PSM3, they have proceeded in claiming that "Multiplayer is a certainty, but no details yet".

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MAR-TYR-DOM2826d ago

We have to wait and see. I would have been completely satisfied if they just stuck to making a viceral single player experiece like the last game. You dont have to have MP to make a good game.

Substance1012826d ago

Yea i would rather they made a better story (first one was pretty solid though) and they add better graphical effects specially for the PC version, Physics was pretty good for the last one.

SilentNegotiator2826d ago

First Dead Space 2 and now Batman:AC.


Yi-Long2826d ago

- Co-Op: Sure, could be absolutely great! Especially with the fighting-system Batman AA introduced, it could be the best beat'm up since the days of Streets of Rage!

- Battling eachother on maps, 8 per side? I don't really see that working with a title like this.

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avengers19782826d ago

This game does not need multiplayer, the first one didn't have it. Really I can't imagine what it would be... I could see two player co-op(you know be Batman and Robin)

vhero2826d ago

"Could be really fun " or could ruin the game.. *looks at bioshock* Hmmmm... yeah... Less time spent working on multiplayer more time on single player = win.

Quagmire2825d ago

IMO, the only Multiplayer mode which works with a batman game would be a 2 player co-op mission-based game types with Batman and Robin which is NOT linked to the story. Much like the challenge maps in the first games, but with Robin by your side played by a friend, offline and online.

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napster6192826d ago

why ruin another game with multiplayer?! :(

JBroken2826d ago

This type of game is a great single player experience. Not everything needs online multiplayer. Look at Mass Effect 2.
Co-op however would be sweet. I call shotgun on the batmobile...looks great but with all the wings and stuff, handling must be terrible

napster6192826d ago (Edited 2826d ago )

yeah co-op would be ok,but NOT competitive.

vhero2826d ago

agreed napster competitive would be silly.

BeaArthur2826d ago

Not every game that gets multiplayer gets ruined.

LiquifiedArt2826d ago

I don't feel its neccessary at all. Cooperative play is ok, but not competitive. Should have local split support too.

Philoctetes2826d ago

This is another example of a game that has no need for multiplayer. See also Bioshock. See also Dead Space.

Hellsvacancy2826d ago

I was goin 2 mention BioShock 2

CombatEvolving2826d ago

Multiplayer doesn't have to be conventional. People just assume its going to be standard deathmatch type multiplayer. They could do something different.

Rampaged Death2826d ago

I couldn't care less about multiplayer for this.

Corrwin2826d ago

Games that did not need multiplayer, and in the first two examples detracted from the single-player experience, in my opinion.

And yet if a game does not have multiplayer (e.g. Force unleashed), fanboys baw that they'll only rent it. Not that they'd ever play it online anyway when they have so many other games they'd rather play online.

CombatEvolving2826d ago

Uncharted 2 multiplayer is great, speak for yourself.

sonicsidewinder2826d ago

"and in the first two examples detracted from the single-player experience"

Corrwin never said Uncharted 2 MP was bad.

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