Acclaim Officially Dead And Gone

Looks like Acclaim is more or less dead now. Following trouble and then acquisition by Playdom, news is the publisher has pulled the plug on all the developer's catalogue.

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ZombieAutopsy2787d ago

Kinda sad they had a lot of games under their belt, unfortunetly i don't think they owned any of the IP's.

mightydog012787d ago

They where there in the early days of gaming...I hope they can form another studio or find new jobs, Sad day for a studio that's been in gaming from the early days to go like this....The publishers big cats think more about money and forgot who made them that money in the first place....sometimes i think small studios are better off without the greedy publishers.....

skapunkmetalskater2786d ago

They did make some fantastic games.

MrBubble2786d ago

but it is sad to see developers fade away and die

yewles12786d ago

Damn, another closed chapter...