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The fact that sometimes we run through the office screaming "Jason! Jason! Jason!" at each other is testimony to the fact that Heavy Rain is an influential game. We're big fans of it around here, so we were excited to test it out with PlayStation Move integration.

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redbadger2641d ago

this is what i have been waiting for. A great ps exclusive with move capabilities.

rockleex2641d ago (Edited 2641d ago )

Multiple times and gotten all the endings then of course they wouldn't do another playthrough.

But I'm holding off the rest of my playthroughs until I get a hold of PS Move.

Omega42641d ago

"While Move does definitely add to the experience, it's not an overwhelming endorsement. Most people who had played Heavy Rain who got their hands on the Move version thought it was cool and all, but it couldn't hold their attention for another playthrough"

Very surprising after so much positive press.

Philoctetes2641d ago

I took this comment as being more about Heavy Rains' relative lack of replay value, not really about Move itself.

mushroomwig2641d ago

Exactly, the issue isn't with Move, it's with the game but Omega4 seems to be obsessed with pointing out any negative press regarding PlayStation products.

SillySundae2641d ago (Edited 2641d ago )

... I don't see what HR replay value has to do with Move.
It's like saying I have a NEW CAR I can use to go to Disneyland.
Oh! I've been to Disneyland just recently ... so using your logic ... my NEW CAR sucks?

Anyhow, Guys, going forward, IF you see and believe Omega is TROLLING
... don't hesitate to flag him as such so that when he get enough flags ... NO ONE HAS TO SEE his comments.

That would in a way simulate a ZERO BUBBLE scenario for him.

Optical_Matrix2641d ago

Nice try. Coming from the UK I would expect your knowledge of simple English language and grammar to be at least on a universal level to the rest of the country. Sadly not. The article is clearly talking about Heavy Rains apparent lack of replay value. He's saying that Move isn't enough to warrent another playthrough of the game.

Doc Sony2641d ago

wow you're dumb. Throw out the brickbox and take up some light reading !

bjornbear2641d ago

like everyone else has stated, its quite clear, the author means that Move addition to HR isn't enough to warrant a replay by people who have already played through HR a few times with the DUALSHOCK.

However, the author makes it clear that the Move does work very well with HR, its just not enough to motivate people to go BACK to HR if they have already finished it, and I totally agree.

This is more for people who haven't picked up HR YET, and want to pick up Move as well...

Omega4 is either very young, or doesn't read very well (or both...) - yeah "personal attack" report this all you want, the proof is in the pudding (his comment)

Optical_Matrix2641d ago

Precisely. This is ideal for people like me, who still really want to buy Heavy Rain. I think when all the big releases of 2010 are done I'll get Heavy Rain and Move.

IneedWeed2641d ago

Yeah Kinect Adventures will have plenty of replay value huh? Damn Omega4 why do you have on Playstation so much what have they done to you?

I haven't played Heavy Rain yet, but will love to try it for PS Move. Future games I see working for PS Move and not Kinect(Speculation):

1. SC II
2. Mass Effect II
3. MGS Rizing
4. Oblivion
5. Left 4 Dead 2
7. Resistence 3

Well at least I know RUSE, MLB The Show, NBA 2k11, Tiger Woulds PGA 11, GT5, Infamous 2, LBP 2, RE5, Dead Space 2, Mag, Heavy Rain, Dead Space Extraction, Killzone 3, Socom 4, Virtua Tennis 4, Heroes on the Move, and others will have Move Support

(Wish M$ could give Kinect support for Halo Reach don't you Omega?)

cobpswii36002641d ago

One bubble! Well deserved.

I'm excited for Move. I enjoy the Wii and Move looks really fun.

asyouburn2641d ago

dude, if you put half as much effort into getting laid as you do trolling ps3 news, you wouldnt be on this site half as muchas you are. vaginas are awesome dude. take my word for it

btk2641d ago

Not really. The game was boring. The queued scripted button pressing and lame story characters killed it for me.

Now the one game that is a must for the Move is a Star Wars Jedi fighting game. Darth Vader vs The Emperor or Obi Wan. Just bring it on already!!!

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Qui-Gon Jim2641d ago

It's a reference to the third chapter in the game. I'll leave it at that because it would be a minor spoiler.

Qui-Gon Jim2641d ago

You're right. I was thinking that the prologue was just the part at Ethan's house and was, for some reason, thinking there was a chapter in between, but The Mall was indeed part of the prologue.

joypads2641d ago

was one of those unique moments in gaming (like playing the brilliant ICO) & i would love to play it again with my MOVE controller in about 6 months to 1 year's time just to refresh the good memories of the game & correct few mistakes i made in the game like letting the agent get crushed inside his car. lol

a dlc (different endings)for those who played the original wont hurt. ;)

Qui-Gon Jim2641d ago (Edited 2641d ago )

Even using the dualshock, the controls were among the most immersing i have ever experienced. Move is like a dream come true for this game. The best thing about it is that people who don't play games, and so have trouble finding the buttons quickly enough, can now play Heavy Rain. It is a game that would appeal to a lot of non-gamers.

Also, I recommend playing through Heavy Rain a few times to see all the endings. Some of the best endings are the "bad" endings.

dragon822641d ago

I also got the Heavy Rain platinum. I will be playing through it again with my move controller. I never really had an issue with replay value for this game. I could play it over and over with no issues. It is also my #1 game on PS3 so far and in my top 5 all time.

CBaoth2641d ago

I know this might be baffling to some, but there is a portion of us gamers who haven't experienced Heavy Rain. Like RE5 Gold, it sits on my shelf, waiting to be played.

Why? Long ago I hedged my bet this would be move-compatible and thus waited. Feels good to be rewarded for my patience! Concerning RE, I despise it's old, archaic control scheme but have played every RE. Tried to play it on the 360 but couldn't (was only able to finish RE4 on the Wii so I know how it works).

The bottom line: come October, after I finish Reach, I have 2 core, motion-controlled experiences waiting for me. Makes the wait for GT5 all the more bearable.

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