Halo 3: IGN unveils New Screens & Map 'Narrows'

IGN AU just came out of interviews with Lars Bakken (Multiplayer Designer) and Frank O'Connor (Writing Lead) at Bungie. Straight from Lars, here's the description of the newest map, 'Narrows':

"It's a Forerunner structure. It's embedded in this cliff wall and it's a bridge. Imagine the - if you're familiar with Halo 1 - imagine the bridge from Assault on the Control Room, expanded, and made for multiplayer, so it's got multiple levels and each side has kind of a dug in section, and it's mirrored so on one side of each of the bases there's actually a Man Cannon, and if both sides take it at the same time they'll actually meet in mid-air, which is pretty cool."

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MK_Red4022d ago

Reminds me of a Unreal Tournoment 2004 map. Don't remember its name.

4022d ago
The BS Police4022d ago

Assualt On The Control Room from Halo 1. :)

Trauma4022d ago

Yeah thats where they got the idea from. I can't wait for this game its looking amazing.

4022d ago
PS360PCROCKS4022d ago

:0) <-----me...and me on September 25th----> :DDDD

4022d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.