Famitsu's Japan Game Charts: Japanese Hardware and Software Sales

Famitsu's Japan Game Charts 2007-08-06/ 2007-08-12 and Sales.

Hit the link to check them out.

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xaphanze3988d ago

Wii sales are getting worse each week.I'm glad to see that ps3 is still standing despite hot shot moving to number 8 and only selling 27k.

XxZxX3988d ago

still 24K.... i wonder why?

slak3988d ago

wow that sucks for 360 2.4 dammm u japan

Cartesian3D3988d ago

how many people in japan havent DSLite ?

I think every person in japan above 3 who can hold a DSL in his/her hand MUST have it according to this charts....

Korosuke3988d ago

I'm Japanese but I don't have DSL and my folks neigther.
But it's popular, maybe some people have one for a sense same as a cell phone.

s8anicslayer3988d ago

wow! i guess japan doesn't care for the 360