Folklore Hero Trailer

If you're not on top of every action/RPG coming out of Sony, Folklore might not have been on your radar. In the title, players venture into the netherworld as Ellen, a 17-year-old on a quest to find out about her dead mother, and a Keats, a reporter for an occult magazine. Take an exclusive look at this creepy action-RPG title.

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MK_Red3989d ago

Folklore was totally lost in the storm of BioShock, Lair and Warhawk. At least I had forgotten about this high profile PS3 game. Nice trailer.

xaphanze3989d ago

I think ill buy it if the overall score was good.

Longhornbevo3989d ago

Looks very cool. It has probably the best use of the sixaxis motion control of any other game imo. There should be a demo coming soon for the US, but the Japanese store already has it(which is where I tried it out).

djt233989d ago

the game look pretty and story line look very interesting

also what with the harry potter music

Whoooop3989d ago

I thought the PS3 couldn't handle lively colors.. Sh*t I gotta fix my monitor.. :P

This is a must for RPG lovers IMO.. Looks good!