PS3 Warhawk Behind The Scenes: Animation

Warhawk Animation Rant:
"As Jim Anchower would say…. "Hola Amigos".
While the team here at Incognito is frantically working towards gold on Warhawk, I'm going to spit out a blog entry in between between bug fixes and play sessions.

In my opinion, there is one rule to live by regarding animation in games.

Gameplay always wins."

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MK_Red3868d ago

First great and huge FAQ and now this. They are doing a really good job about introducing their game.

Foliage3868d ago

Thanks for the article

MK_Red3868d ago

Thanks :)

Warhawk is a great game from a great company and deserves more attention.

Violater3868d ago

Reading that made my head hurt

DuceWilly9473868d ago

it gets better and better every time

DJ3868d ago

Can't wait to plop my money down for this game (and the free headset!)

genix133868d ago

I totally agree with you on wanting to buy this game day one

cuco333868d ago

you couldn't get in the beta since you didn't own a ps3 when the beta was released

CourtesyFlush3868d ago

With the exception of a sports title here and there, I've been mostly a solitary gamer... and certainly nothing of this scope. So this will usher in a new dynamic for me that I'm really excited to play. I expect to get killed more often than not... but still love every minute of it.

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The story is too old to be commented.