BioShock: Final GameSpot Impressions & Final Ken Levine Thoughts

GameSpot provide their final thoughts after playing BioShock, and creative director Ken Levine shares his final thoughts on developing the game.

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MK_Red3544d ago

OK. Everyone is posting BioShock reviews and GS has final impressions!?

BlLL GATES3544d ago

this game sucks so bad, its not even funny. only retards would buy this crap
stupid xbots hahahahaha

Mecha1053544d ago

and yet ironically, your name is Bill Gates

BlLL GATES3544d ago

that doesnt make you any less of a c0cksucker.
sad truth isnt it?

xbox360migs3544d ago

Do you ever have anything constructive to say...thought not!, Bioshock looks like a fun game and I really enjoyed the demo to get an insight into how the game will feel to play, but people like you will hate on this game just because it's not on a sysytem of your choice? how pathetic. Give credit where credit is due even if I'm wrong and you just don't like shooters.

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Rageanitus3544d ago

They were emphasizing how gr8 the ai was..... I was not really inspired by the ai.

IMO an AI flanks you and plants traps are something along those lines. This was not shown in the demonstration..

Dont get me wrong, the game does look very cool but it will not last as long as a typical simple shooter. Bioshock will not enjoy the same enjoyment from the public as gears nad r6v.

tony3544d ago (Edited 3544d ago )

if you play the demo several times and in diferent ways you notice that the ai react accordingly. i found 2 extra enemies in the demo, just doing things differently. i never seen that in any game. and yes i played the games that you mention and they are fun but nothing like bioshock. bioshock is one of a kind.

jay33544d ago

Most of the stuff that's in the demo isn't in the begining, like in the full game, you play throght the same bit, but enemies are always different places and the fire plasmids and security cameras and things aren't in the beggining of the full game. For the demo they had to put stuff there for it to be enjoyable and not give anything away. So AI is really good, i was told by a guy who got the game. And a ton of reviewers.

Staircase3544d ago

Can't wait to get this game on PC. Looks really cool!