UT3 Demo in October

In an interview with Gameplayer, Unreal tournament's producer Jeff Morris has confirmed that, there will be a PC demo released a month before, the official launch in November.

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jinn4052d ago

nothing better than playing UT3 in my halloween costume.

Farsendor14052d ago

excellent thanks systematrix

Marceles4052d ago

..i opened it thinking "woo hoo a ps3 UT3 demo??" *reads pc demo part, sad face* :(

Tsalagi4052d ago (Edited 4052d ago )

We'll be lucky if a demo comes out six months after the game is released or not at all. Lair was gold then pushed back but there still is no demo, probably not going to be one for Rachet and Clank either. Hopefully i am wrong though and they are just saving them for when home launches, along with a lot more demos and wallpapers.

tehcellownu4052d ago

what are you talkin about?? Ratchet and Clank and Lair demos is already done..its up to Sony to put it up!! I hope there will be Unreal Tournent demo for us PS3 OWNERS !! MAKE IT HAPPEN SONYY

Tsalagi4052d ago (Edited 4052d ago )

I am just frustrated that Sony is just sitting on them and not letting us play them. I wish they would start releasing more demo's especially before a game launches or at least close to post launch. Since the closest store to me that rents PS3/360 games is 45 minutes away i don't have the luxery of renting a game to see if i like it and since i base rather or not i am going to buy a game based on playing it myself and not someone else's reviews a demo is the only means i have.

Odion4052d ago

It seems that if its a Sony published title they really go the distance to get a demo out, i wonder why third parties aren't releasing more

Marceles4052d ago (Edited 4052d ago )

Yeah i agree you tsalagi, it's up to Sony to put the demos up supposedly, but please...put the demos up! I bought my PS3 in January and now I have 14 games for it and got my 360 last week just because of Bioshock, and this is before I knew there would be a demo out. I'm already overwhelmed with how many demos the 360 has versus the underwhelming amount the PS3 has, and I'm glad I bought a 360. I'm having more fun with Gears and all the different demos and arcade games than with all of my PS3 games. Also the achievement/gamerscore might sound useless to Ps3 people, but if you really sat down and played some 360 games, the achievements make you want to finish the game. You should see how many people beat TMNT just to get the points. That's probably why the attach rate has been so high for the 360. I know the Sony fans are going to say "yeah but you had to pay 50 bucks!". Well if I knew Sony had a hidden PS3 demo network that costs 50 bucks, I'd pay it because right now I haven't touched my ps3 since I've gotten my 360. Hopefully PS3 has some cool stuff tomorrow to download other than movie trailers and Fatal Inertia because the only download war the PS3 seems to be winning now is in movie trailers.

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razer4052d ago

According to the dev's the 360 and PC version have been built simultaneously and that the 360 was setting the graphic bar. They were more worried about the performance of UT3 on a PC with lower specs.(From OXM with UT3 on cover) Anyway, I wonder if they will release a demo on the 360 as well? Even though the game is out there a ways I think it will keep people interested inbetween the PS3 and 360 release. Come on Epic make it happen!

I would take a PS3 demo as well.. I'm not going to play this on my pityful PC.

Staircase4052d ago

I'm sure the PC version will look much better if you have all the latest and greatest stuff and set all the graphic sliders to "sex." But yeah, the consoles will probably look better normally.

IPlayGames4052d ago

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