Video: Zero Punctuation Dissects Heavenly Sword

Burgeoning videoblogger, Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw of Fully Ramblomatic, has a new clip for your viewing pleasure. He's now sponsored by The Escapist, which means the videos are now wrapped in advertisements and stuff, but at least they're funding one video every Wednesday. Today's is about the Heavenly Sword demo and Resident Evil 5 trailer.

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Violater4018d ago

Especially their definition for Twing Twang
Pi$$ on them for trying to diss Heavenly Sword

Omegasyde4018d ago

lmao, Quote from the guy...

"...We don't have to worry about racism until they (African zombies) bust out with the fried chicken."

BlLL GATES4018d ago

this game owns any 360 game, period.

SonyDefenseForce4018d ago

This Game can't own Sh*t this Game just down Right sucks and sense you keep going to Story to Story posting your OLYMPIC SIZED PUDDLED'S OF BULLSH*T I MIGHT AS WELL DO IT FOR MY SIDE

BlLL GATES4018d ago

just admit you can't afford the better system and we'll leave it at that

SonyDefenseForce4018d ago (Edited 4018d ago )

even though i spent more money on a Wii and a 360, $500 bucks isn't that much, but the thing is people still don't want it, even when it chas a $100 Dollar price cut (thats sad) cause its a Cheap Paper weight Blu-Ray Player, Microsoft and Nintendo have the Hardcore Gamers and the Casual Gamers in there Grasp they just need to get the Weakest link out of the Picture that Bearly has 4 Million Consoles SOLD what a Laugh why don't you go play some Hot Shots Golf

BlLL GATES4018d ago (Edited 4018d ago )

haha, you just contradicted yourself, a$$face.
first you say it's affordable, now you say its expensive.. lmao
you xbots find new ways to make $hit up everday.

@the homo below me

so that makes your 3fixme worth even less. no games + its at the microsoft repair shop. nice.

@the same homo

lmao, stop making $hit up lmao.
let me fix that for you:
your friend had his 360 break down and bought a ps3. now theres a fact everyone can agree with.
xbots never cease to amaze me with the sh1t they come up with

-yeah and you can go play viva pinata. have fun.
edit: my mistake again, i just remembered ur console was still in repair.

SonyDefenseForce4018d ago (Edited 4018d ago )

but it might be a Little OVERPRICED considering it's a GIGANTIC BLACK PAPER WEIGHT WITH NO GAMES AND A CRAPPY BLU-RAY PLAYER, $500 bucks worht it? i think not

to the PS3 [email protected] above me i had my Xbox since Launch and i've had no Problems but my friends had his PS3 Break down so he bought a Xbox 360.

oh Bill Gates you can never Give up why don't you go remake your Account so you can keep talking meaningless sh*t, you know since you have no Games to play on your 20 Pound Paper Weight oh wait you can play HOT SHOTS GOLF!!!

SWORDF1SH4017d ago

LOL that was funny. even thou i think HS is gonna be a great game i still had to laugh.

@ playstationisdead: over 4M consoles in 8 months is good. why do you feel the need to dis the ps3. you name alone suggests your an xbot. why all the hate?? dont you have something more important to hate?? maybe hate against the war in iraq?? maybe against hate global warmin?? or even hate why they put gerkins in big macs?? put what your sayin in perspective. you arguing over a freakin console. stuff like this as to stop.

by the way i agree there is a lack of games. no different to the 360 when launched. but we have got a lot of good stuff coming. and dont disagree with the list. coz you dont like a certain game it doesnt mean its bad. we got stuff coming like
heavenly sword
lair (maybe not good idk)
and those are jus exclusives or timed exclusives. by christmas the ps3 will have a miles better line up that the 360 had at the same point in its life. the 360 is a good console, the wii is ok and the ps3 is good too.

SonyDefenseForce4017d ago

there going to need alot more Titles then Those BullSh*t Games if they expect people to buy Xbox 360 has Plenty of Titles coming as a matter of a fact it already started i have 3 games coming to me before this Month ends what do you have?...NOTHING!

popup4017d ago (Edited 4017d ago ) ,try commenting on the things you like in life - it has a point and is more fun and less time consuming.

Alternatively (if that makes you feel insignificant or empty inside) why not go to Itunes and write a negative review for all the music you don't like and bring on some serious hardcore 'personality' building?

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pilotpistolpete4018d ago

That guy is messed up. But I still want to know what twing twang is.

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