Beautiful Katamari Demo Video and Screenshots sat down and played some Beautiful Katamari on the recent demo released over Xbox Live for the 360. Then the developer sent over some new screenshots for everyone to enjoy!

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jinn4023d ago

i can see the next gen visuals.

ElementX4022d ago

I first played Katamari while tripping on shrooms a couple years ago. I didn't know what I was doing, however it was very colorful and fun in a weird way. The demo was just as I remembered Katamari being like. I am actually looking forward to this game because it'll be a fun way to pass time when I'm not in the mood to kill aliens and blow things up.

4022d ago
socomnick4022d ago

this game is weird yo I played the demo and I don't know why but I actually enjoyed rolling over stuff for 3 minutes wish it gave you more time I wanted to roll over the world.