Halo 3 achievements

Kotaku has posted a list of Halo 3 achievements:

"It looks like the Halo 3 achievements have popped up over on the official Xbox site, I've posted pics of them all on the jump, but be warned, the names for the game's nine campaign missions are in there so don't look if that bothers you."

Click the link for more info.

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jinn4021d ago

why don't they just throw in the ending as well.

BlLL GATES4021d ago

the only achievements this piece of $hit can pull off is "c0cksucker's paradise award"

tonsoffun4021d ago

Bill, seriously, you are one funny as hell guy at times, but give credit where credit is due - there is no game availalbe on the PS3 this year that will match the sales of Halo 3, nor the critical acclaim I believe it will recieve.

Monty_The_Great4021d ago

the $130 Legendary Edition paid off, can't wait for Sept 25th.

Charlie26884021d ago

Look VERY good BUT I still think that COD4 ones are by far the best achievements so far on the 360 ^^

WilliamRLBaker4021d ago

cod4 has some good ones, I hope they add ones over time though Id be awesome for them to start adding achievements.