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Look at the damage the Wii has done to Motion Control Gamers (Sports Champions TT Video)

a look at what happens when a Wii player tries to play Sports Champions a PlayStation Move Game as if it was a Wii Game. (PS3, Sports Champions)

Credit url: ps3blog.net
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CombatEvolving  +   1796d ago
This is why I can't stand the Wii. Too bad that guy had to humiliate his poor son to prove it.
sexybeast69  +   1796d ago
Sad but true.
DasBunker  +   1796d ago
is this suppose to look like it happened casually?
RageAgainstTheMShine  +   1796d ago
It's not a flip's game I mean flick game! XD
Good thing we at home don't have to UNLEARN the Wii to play the Move right!!! We will start on a clean slate! We are glad we were not conditioned to make innaccurate movements during gameplay.

At least he is a very honest and concerned daddy gamer...

This proves the Wiimote and PS Move are totally different beasts with different gameplay mechanics ....confirmed.

The PS Move will straighten that problem up.
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beardpapa  +   1796d ago
proof that wii's motion control is a gimmick
3rdDimension  +   1796d ago
The proof is in the fact....
The proof is in the fact that other companies are jumping on the bandwagon! So essentially they are using gimmicks as well in order to grab some sales just like Nintendo. Ps3 and 360 are hd consoles. That was their sole hook. Now they had to throw in the motion control gimmick in order to get some of Nintendo's market.

My friend, you just made a strong case of the pot calling the kettle black ;)
gamingdroid  +   1795d ago
Well said!
3rdDimension  +   1796d ago
Gamers are the best hypocrites*
*See title
Denethor_II  +   1795d ago
Mate, his son got owned!!
Bigpappy  +   1796d ago
That was stupid
All this proves is that wii users are going to be fustrated by Move. This is not good for the Move.
ActionBastard  +   1796d ago
LOL - You're trying too hard
All it proves is little kids used to Wii Tennis are not going to kick your ass in Move Table Tennis.
DORMIN  +   1796d ago

These were my expectations of the Wii when I got one day one. I wonder if this could actually improve my game in a real match of table tennis?
DasBunker  +   1796d ago
yeah people are gonna have a hard time figuring out the trick is that it works just like it would in real life.
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Azerach  +   1796d ago
dats hard mayng!

iamnsuperman  +   1796d ago
It raises a good point a lot of kids are not going to be used to this after playing Wii tennis.... luckily a child's brain is like a sponge and can absorb information quickly....I wouldn't say this is good for move probably the opposite
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RBLAZE1988  +   1795d ago
You just totally contradicted yourself by saying that little kids brains absorb information like a sponge but then said that this is not good for the move. If anything it'll take those kids a day to figure out that all they have to do is play the games like they think they would be played in real life. Most people will get used to it relatively quickly if they're coming from the wii. But anyway I just thought this was pretty funny. It just shows how brain dead the wii made some people with a revolutionary new way to play games AKA flailing around until the wii motion plus came around. I think the wii should've launched with a camera so it could be able to track 3d movement like move then sony and microsoft would have been really screwed and would have to come up with something else to come out with. Nintendo has become too cocky tho. Even with this years E3 all they came out with was rehashes and remakes of decade old games. The 3ds was a smart move by them but now they have to make some new IP's and new games not just mario and donkey kong and metroid because if all this new technology is coming out so that people can play the same shit they've been playing wince the 90's then what's the point. Ehhh well if people keep blindly paying then I guess nintendo are the winners and more power to them really. I'm not saying sony or microsoft haven't made games with the same decades old gameplay but they have done more to add new gameplay elements to games, I think.
tinybigman  +   1795d ago
to bad
This kid couldn't soak up what his father was telling him.
Sigh  +   1796d ago
It's not stupid Bigpappy.
It proves there's a difference between both games even though both are the same games backed up by different brands. All those haters saying "oh god why would I need to get Sports Champions when I already played Wii sports? Same thing" This video is the answer to em. Of course they still don't have to get Move + Sports Champions... but at least to feed something into their ignorant minds. Let em be aware before they put it down on the same level as Wii sports-- which don't get me wrong, I love Wii sports also.
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beardpapa  +   1796d ago
think tennis players would really love a move tennis game if you actually have to swing and if it incorporates things like turning the wrist to curve the ball, they'll like it more. in fact, little kids will hate the move because they can't rely on flicking really quick to win anymore. A 5 yo beat me in Wii tennis because he could flick his wrist fast. Wonder if he could do the same when he starts getting arthritis.
jneul  +   1795d ago
all it proves is that people have to learn to use it like you would in real life, sorry but wii gimped people into thinking you can win by waggling
cliffbo  +   1795d ago
i don't think he's trying too hard, i think he has a valid point. i'm a PS3 owner and i've been worried about this for some time now
BornToKill  +   1796d ago
kid shakes more than Marty McFly.
DORMIN  +   1796d ago
Hahahaha damn. Burn.
big_silky  +   1796d ago
Lol anybody else think the Move and sub-controller look like the 2 stages of a dog dick? Have fun waving that around.
DasBunker  +   1796d ago
you just see what you wanna see.
Azerach  +   1796d ago
Only big silky dicks for you then?
CoffeewithChess  +   1796d ago
Do kids seriously play
like that?

I have seen a lot of people play Wii Tennis, and this is the first I have ever seen somebody trying to break their wrist while playing.

Perhaps if this guy taught his son not to break his wrist, and that Wii Tennis doesn't require flailing either, Wii wouldn't have issues.

I don't really think this video shows anything but a parent that was trying to get hitz on a video.
lokiroo420  +   1796d ago
Yep my nephew waggles it just like this when playing tennis, no swings, jst waving constantly, btw 6 year old.
ArchangelMike  +   1796d ago
Better tech FTW
Yeah it's a crying shame that people will have to get used to true 1:1 motion tracking in games - lets all just cry for more random waggle in all motion controlled games! /s
KarateExplosion  +   1796d ago
For the KB reference. Its good to see it working though. No more accidental swings when transitioning from a backhand to a forehand.
Dsnyder  +   1796d ago
Lol I have to bookmark this.
Unrefutable proof that the wiimote is crap.
hot4play  +   1796d ago
Wow, this actually proves that Wii has dumbed down gamers... :s
More reason to support the Move I guess. :)
digitaledge  +   1795d ago
I fail to see how this proves that the Wii has dumbed down gamers? It's a child for heaven's sake. You really expect a child to 'get' one to one precision from the start?

If that was the case, kids would be successfully building block towers on their first attempt, or reading War and Peace on first try.

I have never seen an adult play the Wii like that. My 7 year old son does, as do my 3 year old girls, but me, my partner and even my parents and neighbours know better than that.

Gaming, including motion control gaming, is a learning process. Using a video of a grown man playing against a kid (who, quite possibly has has the Wii as his only gaming experience) is just cheap.

What the video does prove is the accuracy of the Move controller over the standard Wii remote though.
yakuzakazuya  +   1796d ago
This proves that Move table tennis is actually hardcore since it's the closest thing to actually playing the real thing. Seems more like a simulation than a casual game to me.
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PS3-247  +   1795d ago
You can't expect kids to understand. They see something similar and expect it to act the same. This proves that Move is not just another Wii remote. Just wait til he play Kinect. He'll lose his mind trying to figure it out.
ALFAxD_CENTAURO  +   1795d ago
Veneficus  +   1795d ago
Waggling was wrong on Wii, too.
Have any of you guys even played Wii? Did you play well? Ever since the first Wii Sports, the controller took into account how fast you swung, how much you twisted, etc. Wagglers are like button mashers. You can win in Street Fighter by mashing away randomly, but you're not playing particularly good or right.

Anyway. . . sounds like most of you have never heard of (much less tried) Wii Motion+. But what else would I expect from N4G, where the Sony fanboys call home? :P

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