Tom Clancy's EndWar - A True Understanding of War?

Welcome to 2020, where the current war never existed and we find ourselves instead engulfed in World War III. United States and the European Union have just signed the Space-Land-Air Missile Shield Treaty. When tested, it shields us against 100% of missiles fired against it. It is, in a sense, perfect. It will end the threat of a nuclear war on all accounts. We've only forgotten one thing. We left Russia out…

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Greysturm4058d ago (Edited 4058d ago )

Perfect new ip for Tom Clancy, seems like the final integration between rainbow and ghost recon adding vehicles... :)

MK_Red4058d ago

Wow, its been a long while since we last saw this game. Missed the E3 and went fully under radar. I hope they can really make this RTS work on consoles. It has some really neat and new ideas.

Dr Pepper4058d ago

This game is console only...

Infernus4058d ago

I've had a game design in my head for about 3 years which is based off of what would happen if the RTS and FPS genres were merged together for a game. I dunno if EndWar is close to that but it sure has the scope and FPS side to it nailed.

I really wanna see a global-scale RTS where by you command an army in an RTs top-down view and can click on a squadron of troops and then an individual soldier and take control of that person in the traditional FPS view, issue direct commands from the ground and fight the battle your unique way. Then you can return to the RTS view any time you want...

I think End War is close to that vision. But I'd need to take my full idea to a game company really if I ever want to see it as I truly want it, but I'll have to check this game out for sure.

P.S sorry for boring you with my idea guys. Will have to check EndWar out.

snoop_dizzle4058d ago

china would be more of a better antagonist in the game considering the rate china is growing.

Maybe even china and russia

But still this sounds like it could be pretty cool

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