Exclusive Interview: Haze Creators

Halo 3 isn't the only big shooter coming out this season. TheFeed is very excited about Haze as well, especially after talking to the game's screenwriter, Rob Yescombe and the project lead Derek Littlewood of Free Radical, the PS3, 360, and PC game's designers.

Rob and Derek wanted to get the word out about some of the interesting play mechanics in their game, and TheFeed is happy to oblige… so check out the interview to learn what's so damn awesome about Haze, how it relates to rock, paper and scissors, which console you'll want to play it on and how it all relates to the Atari Lynx.

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Hatchetforce4054d ago

They keep saying they have a 'pretty cool combat system and we want people to know it."

Hint: Telling everyone it is cool and will crush that 'other shooter' and then not giving hands on IS NOT the way to go about it. They didn't do it in this interview, but the specter of Denis Doak was haunting them.

genix134054d ago

about the hands on demo, however you have to admit the gameplay mechanics sound absolutely awesome, unlike anything seen beforehand. I'm really wanting to get this badly if what they say about how combat works is true.

flipsniper4054d ago

yea im sorry if I'm flaming but i think halo 3 is going to blow haze out of the water sorry

Bathyj4054d ago

You're entitled to your opinion Dude, dont apoligise. I dont agree, but you're still entitled.

Staircase4054d ago

That's fine. It is your opinion! It's the people who are completely closed to new ideas, and just shut everything other than Halo 3 down because they have a preconceived idea that halo 3 is the best there ever will be that i dislike. If you can honestly look at another game and say "I still like halo better" then good for you!

Bathyj4054d ago

That sux, Free Radical are well know PS fans but there not allowed to say get the PS3 version less they upset Ubisoft or get in trouble with the internet.

See how much trouble fanboys are starting to cause? Maybe I'll get the Atari Lynx Version.

Jdash244054d ago

wait wasnt the atari lynx a really old handheld console?

Kleptic4054d ago

ask infinity ward about Free Radical and they will probably have the utmost respect for them...

Haze is made by a lot of the guys that made Goldeneye...don't think for a minute that other developers are underestimating what free radical will come up with...

Jdash244054d ago

wow, i cant wait for this game, online gameplay is going to be really crazy, i wonder if the ps3 version will handle 32 players....i really hope so

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The story is too old to be commented.