EA, Sega, Kuju and Babel back new QA conference

Development heavyweights supporting 'Interactive Testing' track during October SQS event

The UK's annual QA testing conference for the software sector is targetting games developers with a new one-day interactive media conference that has scored support from the likes of EA, Sega, Kuju and Babel.
Software & Systems Quality Conferences is hoping to reach out to studios and garner more support for its games event on October 3rd.
The event promises a one-day exploration of QA and testing's position in the industry, discussing individual studios and publishers' testing methods and the latest technology.
"QA is no longer - and should not be - a part of games development that is overlooked," EA's QA director Chris Ambler explained to Develop.

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Maddens Raiders4024d ago (Edited 4024d ago )

-- "QA is no longer - and should not be - a part of games development that is overlooked....We want the industry to understand that it's a key part of the process, and we also want to be able to develop better QA practices and techniques." -- EA's QA director Chris Ambler

Sorry, but for some reason I'm suddenly wrought w/ hysterical laughter.

MK_Red4024d ago

OMG, Cute picture. :)

Didn't Kuju get a new name?

Maddens Raiders4024d ago

Chemistry. I don't know why Dev is referring to them as such though.