Madden 08 first roster update coming soon

The first roster update for the next-gen versions of Madden 08 is expected to release shortly.

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KoHGodofwar4020d ago

COuld someone verify what the Roster Update actually is?

MikeJonesOK4020d ago

still cant believe I wasted 50 bucks on this shtf!

Lifendz4020d ago

I didn't sit down and update the rosters myself.

Real Gambler4020d ago

"Please be aware that when the roster update is pushed it may disconnect those who are playing online games at the time."

Well, I guess it's ok to be disconnected for a while this year. Next year, they will likely disconnect the server totally like they did for most of their online 2006 edition sports games.

So enjoy while the servers are online....

KoHGodofwar4020d ago

What is the Roster UPDATE?!?!?!?!?!

djt234020d ago

you are update Roster that mean team will have a different line up (different player make be on your fav NFL team)

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