Battlefield: Unreal Tournament 3

MyArcadePlanet's Relin discusses the possible implications behind the stream of good news regarding the PS3's version of Unreal Tournament 3.

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Kleptic4056d ago

very good read...

I have a feeling that this might be the game that gets MS to reconsider their Gestapo stance on XBL, and the overall sharing of content on the 360 may not get them to change initially...but if MS doesn't budge, and the 360 version of UT3 gets that "worst case scenario" that Rein was talking about (with MS charging for maps like they forced with Gears...and charging of any mods that come through; albeit only allowing a few of the most popular mods) definitely puts a dent in MS's claims of having the most rewarding online experience of any console...

Relin4056d ago

If M$ is willing to open their doors a bit more, gamers everywhere will benefit. This is the beauty of competition.

Kleptic4056d ago

yeah...if this does wake up people in charge of XBL...that is great for is strange how XBL is offering things that the PSN is scrambling to catch up with (gamerscores, better messaging/invite system during games, etc.)...and now XBL is also in a spot where it could be fed tail-lights by this user-generated content wave...

If Home takes off...and the in game xmb stuff shows up around the launch of home...and its already apparent that the user generated content will be well guess is there will be a lot of changes to XBL soon after...

cain1414056d ago

"I continue to be disappointed that folks on the internet treat any positive thing we say about one platform as some sort of critique of another platform. We're a multi-platform company folks please come to grips with that. We like the PC. We like the 360. We like the PS3. We like the Macintosh. We like Linux. We will deliver UT3 for all of these platforms and it will rock on every one. "

I think we can all agree this game looks good, no matter the console.

Odion4056d ago

they just announced at their Gamer Day or whatever that companies can have their servers where people can download maps from

Relin4056d ago

Are you talking about Sony or Epic or M$?

Odion4056d ago

At Gamefest 2007, Microsoft addressed user generated content a number of times. In one of the panels, Microsoft Software Design Engineer Zsolt Mathe said it was perfectly possible for a studio to create a PC map editor to create levels for an Xbox 360 title. Mathe said publishers would then be responsible for overseeing the content and maintaining a safe environment for users, as content of that size would likely be transmitted over their Xbox Live Server Platform, which takes the issue out of Microsoft's hands.

Relin4056d ago

...but Unreal Tournament is well-known for it's complete mods, which require much more than just a simple map editor. M$ is locked tight when it comes to stuff like that, and Epic is gonna have to jump through some hoops to get 360 owners those mods.

Kleptic4056d ago (Edited 4056d ago )

Odion is right though...MS is kind of addressing this issue like nintendo addressed their lack of online simply saying "it is already there"...MS does support user generated content...Forza 2 has it all over the place...

Epic's problem is not MS not supporting user generated content...Epic's problem is how MS forces its distribution...The only way game content can be put onto a 360 is through the marketplace...the 360 is just as capable of recieving it through a normal web browser as the PS3...but MS is not allowing that yet (if it had a regular browser, I am not sure how any of that media center extension stuff works on a 360)...which obviously hinders the server downloading in UT3 also...

Sony is more "get the content from the net however you want" I guess...Epic is saying you will be able to get mods and maps for free off of their website, or off of their servers, or off of the PSstore, or off of other people's PS3's...that is where MS is putting their foot down...MS wants content to change hands only through XBL, or some in game mechanism like F2...and no where else...and that is why this issue is less likely to be resolved quickly...

Don't confuse how MS is not at all an issue of MS supporting user generated content...they have said numerous times that they is only the distribution that is annoying Epic...and most likely a large reason of why UT3 was put on the back burner for the 360 only...there were countless reports and articles about Epic not being thrilled with MS on this exact same issue with Gears of War maps and mods (the mods of which will only be seen on the PC) user generated content simply won't work with UT3 and user is going to go through the effort and money involved to get a mod on XBL...and unless Epic and MS come up with some way to share stuff like MS did with Forza 2...that worst case scenario stuff is becoming much more likely...

Relin4056d ago

Microsoft sorta sounds like the American government's stand on climate change: "we'll only do our part if you follow our rules." Like I said in the article, it could very well be that Microsoft really doesn't wanna deal with some of the legal ramifications of unmoderated content over their system, but business sense would tell you to grab all the money you can, especially if there's no real competition for your service.

"Charge people for stuff that should be free, and make sure you can charge for everything you possibly can" seems to be their motto, and while they're raking in the dough, they're sending a bad message to gamers.

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GnaM4056d ago (Edited 4056d ago )

"I continue to be disappointed that folks on the internet treat any positive thing we say about one platform as some sort of critique of another platform. We're a multi-platform company folks please come to grips with that."

LOL, that's all anyone does on N4G.

Charlie26884056d ago

That was a VERY good article :D

fbetancourt4056d ago

Nicely done Relin. Excellent read.

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