Eurogamer's 10 out of 10 For BioShock

Promise is possibly the most powerful weapon in videogames. The promise and possibilities that a title like BioShock dangles tantalisingly in front of us keeps us all hanging on in there, keeps us believing, keeps us pre-ordering. Even when the shelves are awash with me-too pap, cheap knock-off licensed fodder and hyped sequels, a title like this stands out like a beacon of hope amid a sea of mediocrity. No pressure.

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MK_Red3936d ago

Well, the site that almost never gives a 9 and hardly score above 8 (They gave 8 to Gears) is awarding BioShock the very perfct 10 out of 10.
I'm usually against Eurogamer but this is one occasion that I 100% agree with them. This game is a killer.

ALI-G3936d ago (Edited 3936d ago )

while you playing another FPS (which got 5 perfect reviews) i will be playing :
mmmm/HS(goddess of war)mmmm
mmmm/MGS4(2008/unrelastic)mmm m
mmmm/killzone(2008/gameplay?! A.I??!graphic=niceeee)mm
mmmm/GT5(JAPAN:JUNE2008 -US?!-PAL2011)mmmmm mmmmm
mmmm/FF13(2008-2009/NEW SYSTEM=RESULT??!!)MM

YEAH I FOUND IT..i will be playing Blue-Ray in my SDTV with Sh*tONYou 3

oh i will use the old trick to shut you all up 3RLD(freeshipping both ways 3years)

EDIT:10 min from me joining N4G i earned(MY FIRST IGNORE)

sjappie3936d ago

Try not to be a fanboy, we already have enough of them.

FreedomReign3936d ago

Completely agree MK.

Fs please do your research before calling anyone a fanboy, but your freak flag is waving high already.

Says you3936d ago (Edited 3936d ago )

Never played it and just look at the graphics and than thats it I mean seriously this game is just another First person Shooter any game company can make a dark gritty atmosphere and scary game just ask Capcom I think these sites are starting to be bias saying its all great.

sjappie3936d ago (Edited 3936d ago )

Sure, all those reviews and all the positive feedback from people that played the demo, it's all bs, right?
People that try to knock this game don't deserve to be called gamers.

WafflesID3936d ago

2: ... Ok seriously. I think we're supposed to laugh here... right? I mean you ARE joking right?

Shadow Flare3936d ago

This game is getting alot of 10/10. Not sure i've seen that before. I have to look into this game more, it sure sounds good, yet i know very little about it. Here's looking at you Big Daddy

TriggerHappy3936d ago

So far the game has not scored below a 90, the lowest is a 94.

PCGamer UK: 95%
OXM UK: 10/10 5/5
Xbox World 360: 94%
X-360: 10/10
Game Informer: 10/10

MK_Red3936d ago

Plus Game Radar: 10/10

I think PCGamer UK and Xbox World 360 are out of their minds. BioShock deserves 13/10 and at the very least 10/10.

FreedomReign3936d ago

Zelda OOT, and RE4 say high.

dachiefsman3936d ago (Edited 3936d ago )

check this out!

Some people are desperate to play!!

MK_Red3936d ago

Good find. More than 10 bids and at $142 right now!? And I thought I was a BioShock freak.

razer3936d ago

That is crazy! Maybe I should take the copy I picked up at lunch today and sell it on Ebay!!


This game is blowing the socks off everyone who plays it. I hope the sales reflect well for Irrational/2K great games need to be rewarded with great sales!

Syko3936d ago

Damn for that kind of loot I would expect at least overnight shipping!

People with more money than patience, Obviously.

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