The Cars of Need for Speed ProStreet - Part I

Need for Speed ProStreet, coming this fall, is promised as a departure from the series' origins. This year's NFS puts the focus on head-to-head showdowns as street racing is showcased. Deeper tuning, a new aggressive AI system, and real-time damage modeling all play a factor in ProStreet.

But what cars will you be driving? Over the new few months, IGN will take a look at some of NFS ProStreet's hottest vehicles. Take a gander at IGN's gallery of newly-announced cars. You can almost hear the roar of the engine and smell oil on the track.

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D_U_I4059d ago

Cant wait to tandem with that 240....
Nuff said.

jinn4059d ago

i'm sure they will inform us when it gets delayed.

djt234058d ago

the car look really good and you could see detail too and i like my 86 and Nissan Skyline R34 look really good.

INEEDINFO4058d ago

It doesn't look like street racing anymore, the only reason I like NFS was the chasing by the cops. Now there gone, its just another PGR or GTR, or any other type of stage racing.