Sessler's Soapbox: Good Lookin' Games

Adam Sessler knows a lot about gaming. That's why's TheFeed talks to him on a periodic basis to find out his opinions in what's going on in the gaming world. The result is called Sessler's Soapbox, and, this time, it's all about judging the game by the way it looks.

Watch, and let Adam tell you why surface impressions might not be the best way to determine whether or not a game is any good.

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FordGTGuy3904d ago

has never taken a picture where he doesn't look like a crazy guy. But his the only funny and smart guy to watch on G4.

TheBeginningOfTheEnd3904d ago

reminds me of my ex-girlfriend. that whore

SKUD3903d ago

I dont know this guy ^^^^^

djt233903d ago

he co-host xplay on G4TV

T-Virus3903d ago

You'd get knocked out with all that arm waving.

spammy_nooo3903d ago

i was thinking that same thing. as i was watching it i thought "oooh, im gonna make a clever comment about his arm waving!". looks like you beat me too it though.

i dont agree with him entirely. i do think that art direction is VERY important, but graphics are too. while i play oblivion i catch myself thinking stuff like 'wow that texture" or "OMFG look at her EFFIN FACE!" and that COMPLETELY takes me out of the game. the less jaggies, lo-res textures, and general imperfections the better. i dont wanna just be playing a game, i wanna be IN the game.

one of the reasons i feel this way could be that im a graphics whore... but hey a lot of people with 360's and ps3's are, and they should appeal to us too.

imho and all that jazz, of course.

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The story is too old to be commented.