EA Caught Touching Up NBA Screenshots

It's no secret that most so-called "screenshots" of video games released by game publishers aren't just grabbed out of the game. They're carefully posed, using in-game assets. Now, sometimes these are exactly reflective of what the game looks like. Sometimes they are total lies: Penny Arcade has termed these "bullshots."

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MikeJonesOK4053d ago

damn EA and damn The NFL for not giving 2K NFL licenses.

Maddens Raiders4053d ago

EA needs to be taken out to the wood shed and their raw ass whipped red!

Lacarious4053d ago

i would've never thought that EA could sink as low as hyping up a game in any way. They are such a high integrity gaming company.... i would never imagine in a million years that the purest gaming dev in the world would do something like this. I mean... EA pushes out the greatest of all time football game each and every year. They always go leaps and bounds above anything and everything to ensure they make their game so much better. I mean... just look at what they did this year. they "focused on gameplay" and churned out icons on players feet.

Lakuspakus4053d ago

Doesnt really surprise me. EA got 0 stars in my book.

Loudninja4053d ago

It makes me wonder, does nay of the pics show the real graphics?

TriggerHappy4053d ago

I think this has been going on for a while with EA. When they first showed Army of Two in screenshots, it looked so amazing, a few months later when they showed the same game, it looked like it had gone through a massive downgrade.

spammy_nooo4053d ago

im sick and tired of EA's crap. 30 fps on madden, and now this. i guess even they know they arent up to par, so they decided to touch up their own screens...shame.

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The story is too old to be commented.