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Vanquish 360 version is subHD 1024x720 with 2xAA

Initial analysis from the 360 demo of Vanquish reveals it's resolution.

PS3 demo will be available later today during the PS Store update. (PS3, Vanquish, Xbox 360)

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Dance  +   1913d ago
compared to other games on the market
its not that low of resolution to begin with
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lovemyps3  +   1913d ago
Damn that sucks for 360 owners, either way everyone should buy the game 360 and ps3 owners, it looks great regardless.
SuperTiger  +   1913d ago
The PS3 version might be worse.
I hope it won't be but they're the guys who made Bayonetta so I don't expect much.


Why am I getting disagrees? :\


Are you sure this is true? I hope it is!
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MisterNiwa  +   1913d ago
Get your news straight.

The PS3 is the lead platform for this game. And the Team is lead by Shinji Mikami this time. He didn't do Bayonetta.
Tricksy  +   1913d ago
Lol I agree with Dance- can u imagine? :P
not a bad resolution in my mind as long and FPS(frames per second) is nice and, although I dont have an xbox and never will, the xbox has a reputation as a good machine for FPS's (frames persecond...as well as first person shooters i guess hehe).

If this is from the creators of Bayonetta... expect them to not know how to utilize the cell. :(

EDIT: Oh? Great news MisterNiwa. Fingers crossed this game looks stunning on the PS3.
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scofios  +   1913d ago
Mikami has stated that the game is being developed with the PlayStation 3 as its lead platform .
Bayonetta was developed with the xbox 360 as the lead platform . platinium games made bayonetta as an xbox exlusive , which later on became a multiplatform game due to sega who is the publisher and who did the ps3 port .
edit : for those who disagree .
Go google it up . i see some people are butt hurt use vaseline next time .
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rockleex  +   1913d ago
Sega did the port for PS3 version of Bayonetta.
Seeing as how Vanquish was made by Platinum Games on BOTH platforms to begin with, it should do pretty well on both systems.

I never really trust developers when they claim one system is the lead platform or whatever.

Just look at Ghostbusters. -_-"
inveni0  +   1913d ago
If the vertical resolution is 720 or above, I'm happy. Of course, I don't have a 360, so we'll see what the deal is on the PS3, I guess. I'll make my decision on the game itself, though...not a pixel count.
Double Toasted  +   1913d ago
Ah, no Gears of War killer here folks, move along...ha.

PS3 holding the 360 back in terms of graphics, huh? Shame really...
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wicko  +   1913d ago
Even though the control scheme is a bit wonky (crazy japs) the game itself is awesome. Comparing this to Gears of War isn't all that fair, since this game does a hell of a lot more interesting stuff than Gears does.
Conloles  +   1913d ago
Lol poor consoles never in true 1080P HD :'(
Longrod_Von_Hugendon  +   1913d ago
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jacobdevos  +   1912d ago
@ MisterNiwa
lead by that guy.. but the same team as bayonetta right?

So I'm not sure he was wrong.. he said the same guys and he's right.. if you've ever worked in a programming environment you know that the guy who leads development typically doesn't even write or read the code..

PS3 is lead platform for this game though i remember an article about that.. although a couple comments on this post have been saying it's the same engine as bayonetta? that seems a bit confusing.. how could ps3 be the lead platform when its on bayonettas engine.. whos lead platform was x360?
mastiffchild  +   1912d ago
Conloles-do you NEVER stop? People don't all want to game on their PC even if you do. Personally, I've started gaming more on consoles this generation because I got sick of mouse and keyboard controls, feeling the need to improve my set up(not including upgrading cards etc but JUST my gaming mouse etc)all the time and finding it a bigger barrier to immersion than any resolution issues ever. I found it was TOO good, if you wil, and I was capabe of almost game breaking speed and accuracy with PC controls schemes and also found the online felt less and less of an even playing field with everyone using different control schemes, different tech and often cheating with the choices they made with console mods etc.

I'm not saying I',m right but just showing that that PC and M/K isn't first choice for everyone for many reasons. i'm miles BETTER with a mouse etc and even then find aiming on a separate plane feels too unrealistic these days(again JUST for me) and a lot of folk like the convenience of a console but you just want to look down on people for not being PC gamers and PC gamers alone. What of the console only games we all love? We should forgo them just cos you get 1080p more often? Idiocy, elitist idiocy and the kind of 'tude which splits us as a community and ensured console gamers didn't care, when they should have, when MW2 went P2P on PC and when the pirates ensured there was no proper , full featured DA2 on PC. It's possible because people like you make console gamers hate PC gamers as elitist tools.

I refused to buy Alan Wake BECAUSE they shafted PC gamers over it and if fewer PC gamers acted like you, mate, maybe more console gamers would have and Remedy would have released it on PC.

I would NEVER be witrhout my rig and love my PC gaming even if I use a pad for it where possible but fail to see just what makes you bitter with console owners when the biggest enemy for PC gamers is the rife piracy we suffer making our PC games less profitable. Moan at them not consoles FFS. Another thing-my PC monitor is only 26" and at that size I'd say no one could tell me when they were playing at 720 as opposed to 1080p anyway so your resolution talk is VERY subjective in value when most monitors are even smaller than mine!!

Tell u wot-play some games. might make you a bit calmer rather than trolling console threads advertising the fact you like PC best. Both have their places.
Scrooge  +   1912d ago
Yeah, how will I ever enjoy this game when it's missing a few pixels per square inch?
tplarkin7  +   1912d ago
720p is HD
Anything less than 720p is "subHD". Like it or not, 720p is standard HD for games this gen.
sikbeta  +   1912d ago

They didn't, Sega dealt with the Port, Platinum got nothing to do with the port and this time Shinji Mikami is working on this game, so hopefully, there will be no problems for the PS3 version...

@Double Toasted

Hmmm... I don't know pal, something tells me it's going to be like FF13 disaster all over again....
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Vivi  +   1913d ago
Still not a good thing. The faint blurriness will be noticeable. For such a fast paced game I hope the PS3 version is a crisp and clean 720P but I doubt it :(

Funny how different the tech is from Bayonetta

Bayonetta 360

Vanquish 360 (using a highly upgraded Bayonetta Engine)
dosgrtr  +   1913d ago
so it is 30
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Christopher  +   1913d ago
There's a ton more happening in this game than Bayonetta. I can see why the downgrade for both physics and maintaining a certain framerate.

Not that I wouldn't want more, but can see why it resulted in a downgrade of this sort.

As long as it's good looking (not awesome) and fun to play, I'll be happy... when I can get to playing it.

@disagreers: Aww... crap, I forgot I'm not supposed to support games, I'm supposed to chose to support 360 or PS3 and bash the other. My bad *rolls eyes*
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raztad  +   1913d ago

Sorry about those undeserved disagrees. You, as always, make sense and some people dont like it.

Let me support your point, and this is something people seems to forget frequently when talking about graphics. Vanquish looks to have a lot more stuff going on on screen, + stuff under the hood, like collision detection, AI, physics, that werent in Bayonetta.

I'm totally surprised game is not 60fps but achieve to feel look very fast paced. Probably is just a very smart use of motion blur.
MorganX  +   1913d ago
Just tried the demo. Lots of potential. Gears cover system feels tighter. Better than I thought it would be but, noticeably blurry. Unacceptably blurry.
StanLee  +   1913d ago
@ cgoodno
Did you play Bayonetta? There is certainly not more going on on screen that in Bayonetta. I wonder if fanboys will say now the PS3 gimped the XBox 360 version because that is exactly what happened.
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totallysane  +   1912d ago
what does it matter. the game looks good and is fun to play for now. get over the goddam graphics will you people
mastiffchild  +   1912d ago
Stanlee-you're being daft. The 360 version of Bayonetta was complete before a PS3 version was even started. Talk with a bit more sense-if Bayonetta was better looking than GOW3 then, even with the above reasoning, you might have a point but as there are better games on both consoles I have NO idea what you mean by anything being "gimped" other than if they downplayed BOTH versions late in the day to ensure "parity" this generations multiplat cancer.

Seriously, if the PS3 was gimping 360 versions of anything where are the exclusives to prove what you speak of? Where are the 360 games that eclipse Uncharted1, let alone U2, GOW or KZ2?
iPad  +   1913d ago
Why are people worried about the PS3 version? The PS3 is the lead performer of this game. Therefore, the PS3 version is superior.
Biggest  +   1913d ago
That remains to be seen. Either way, the game does look like a blast to play and the acting seems horrible in the very entertaining way. Should be good all around.
bjornbear  +   1913d ago
I can understand why people are worried about the PS3 version
PS3 was the lead platform for ghost busters...and look what happened.

I could care less. This is more important for fanboys than for real gamers (exception of Multi-console owners who will simply buy the better version and care less about commenting on it)

regardless, this game and Lord Of Shadow are both proving to be the multi-plat heavy hitters of this Q3 =D

this, Lord of shadow, GT5 and LBP2 are the 4 games on my radar for this xmas (way too many for my budget =()
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meetajhu  +   1913d ago
i disagree with you because u have Ipad as a ur name!
FACTUAL evidence  +   1912d ago
Alan wake says hello....5 years in development sub HD /S sorry had to go there.
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milohighclub  +   1912d ago
vanquish is up in europe on psn as of 5pm today!!!
get that shit bitch...
EvilBlackCat  +   1912d ago
the anti 360 continues
lokiroo420  +   1913d ago
And it begins, any word on ps3 version?
jay2  +   1913d ago
Nothing on the PS3 virsions, but this downgrade is a bit worrying....
jizzyjones  +   1913d ago
PS3 is lead platform, jus like 360 was lead on Beyonetta, so this time the PS3 version will be "superior".
Tuxedoassassin  +   1913d ago
The PS3 is lead praform for this game, so itˇs hard to guess, but we see more later.
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ALFAxD_CENTAURO  +   1912d ago
Yes, is announced from the Developers:
DaThreats  +   1913d ago
Turn for the best multi-platform
Hallmark Moment  +   1913d ago
So much for PS3 fans gearing up to bash. I see people talking Lead platform this! Bayonetta that!

This game is doing much more than Bayonetta when it comes to processing.
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nycredude  +   1913d ago
That precisely is the reason this is a step down from a tech perspective from Bayoneta. Obviously with the increase things going on screen and the physics calculation, the 360 is been pushed more and so concessions had to be made to keep it playable without frame rate dropping. We'll see if this is also a case on the Ps3 shortly tonight.

I know Hallmark that you don't like the truth but this seems like a case of cold hard truths.

Then again it could be just the demo version is outdated code and both versions will be fine when released.
commodore64   1912d ago | Offensive
solidjun5  +   1913d ago
I really don't care if it's sub-HD
It looks really fun and I'm going to buy it Day 1. Besides, that's just the demo and until can tell me the full retail game will be sub-HD, then this news shouldn't be much of an issue. It should really be that big of an issue at all cause from those videos (i'm downloading it tonight on PSN), this game kicks arse. Can't wait to play it.
BeaArthur  +   1913d ago
I thought we played games, not watched them.
Unicron  +   1913d ago
Again with the logic. This is a day 1 buy for me, so is Enslaved, Castlevania, and Force 2.

Booyah, October wallet rape!
solidjun5  +   1913d ago
My wallet is going to bring a suit against me in Federal court for the amount of money i'm spending this winter.

bubble for both of you. I hope this board don't turn into a big argument. Err...where am I again?
BeaArthur  +   1913d ago
I'll probably go for a Christmas present. No MP means it's the same experience no matter when I pick it up.
LiquifiedArt  +   1912d ago
Guess buying a Large HDTV
is point less right? Or buying a next-gen games console right?

Your point is moot. Graphics do matter and Sub-HD is really unacceptable at this stage in the generation.
asyouburn  +   1912d ago
@liquified art
dude the gaem is 1024x720. you act like it just displays blank screen when you turn it on. the rez is higher than say, 576p (alan Wake) or 600p (COD) or 640p (halo 3) its higher than all of those, but yet all those games look great on hdtv's. so tell me again how this is a big deal.
ElementX  +   1913d ago
MGS4 says hello...

/sarcasm (had to go there)
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Convas  +   1913d ago
Shhhhh, Bea, this is N4G! We play graphics not games! Get with the program!

Chnswdchldrn2   1913d ago | Spam
nycredude  +   1913d ago
Technically we play AND watch games, unless you play with your eyes closed. :P
holdmedownma2008  +   1913d ago
We have to thank our retarded friends at Neogaf, LoT and Digital Foundry for starting this epidemic of stupidity. No one plays games anymore, they rather watch a screenshot and argue for countless hours over pixels and resolutions. So I would like to thank the fanbo....I mean the professionals on these sites.


The demo is freaking insane!!
mastiffchild  +   1912d ago
Yep. When the multis aim for parity rather than all out quality on the visual front it DOES seem a bit much comparing every sodding pixel to the point we use programs to find tiny differences. Compare higher end exclusives for an idea but not multis with the express need to sell across multiple systems and therefore not wanting to upaet anyone with a big gap and as the cheapest way of working is closer to the 360's best area(though still not great for it when PS3 and 360 weaknesses rather than strengths are what govern the results)it's often the PS3 that has to do without something or other but it's never enough to make me want to change from the console with my preferred pad-a much bigger concern than a second longer loading or whatever. too much fuss about games that aren't even TRYING to prove themselves powerhouses technically.

neither version gimps the other as both could be better in 99.9% of cases and the curse of having two similar sized user bases means we're damned to them trying to reach near parity and not pushing any system.
lovemyps3  +   1913d ago
since the ps3 is the lead platform chances are its going to be the best version.
UnBrEaKaBLEe  +   1913d ago
whats so hard for people to understand? its being made on the playstation 3 and ported to the 360.
ALFAxD_CENTAURO  +   1912d ago
Yes, PS3 is the lead Platform.

Mista T  +   1913d ago
whats the big deal with this. 1024 x 720 with 2xAA is better than a lot of console games
CobraKai  +   1913d ago
At least it's not 640p or 546p. I think this is acceptable and unlike the resolutions I mentioned, it shouldn't be that noticeable.
buying1999   1913d ago | Spam
CernaML  +   1913d ago
Yeah, and we're definitely not talking about FFXIII on the 360. LOL
Scotland-The-Brave  +   1913d ago
Hahaha! you got owned
k-Lan  +   1912d ago
Scotland? Owned?? lmao! What was the better game of the two mentionned? Thank you.
buying1999   1912d ago | Spam
smashman98  +   1912d ago
are we talking about mass effect coming to ps3
asyouburn  +   1912d ago
i just wanted to point out to buying 1999
that red dead on PS3 ran at a higher resolution than COD MW2. so now tell me how ugly modern warfare was, and how its unplayable at 600p
buying1999   1912d ago | Spam
asyouburn  +   1912d ago
other than AA
you can make the versions identical by messing with settings on your tv. both versions run at 600p on consoles. my point is the pc version wipes the floor with the 360 version, so anyway you look at it, the 360 version is just another inferior port, just like most of the multiplats on 360
buying1999   1912d ago | Spam
asyouburn  +   1912d ago
yeah but i might as well ssay
if you dont count pc and 360, that ps3 is best version around. the diffrences between ps3 and xbox mw2 are very minimal compared to pc version. it makes no sense to say if you omit version A, then version b is better than version c. you might as well be playin the ps3 version compared to pc. if were gonna talk multi plat games why leave best version out? from my own comparison (i.e. not one i read online) both are damn near identical. the framerate isnt as different as you portray it.
Edit. the point i was trying to make about red dead on ps3 was that it runs a higher rez than both console versions of MW, and a gazillion people play and love the game on both. not that thats the one i play personally, just using it as an example of a popular game
EDIT2 its funny that 2 out of the 3 lens of truthers chose ps3 version
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CernaML  +   1912d ago
Yeah, and we're not talking about the 10 out of 10 PS3 exclusive games that look, perform, and play better than any 360 exclusive out there. :P

Bu-bu-bu teh multiplats make 90% of teh library!

Funny cause most of my collection consists of exclusives anyway. :)

...But that's beside the point right? :P
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Sharingan_no_Kakashi  +   1913d ago
Not an expert but
1080x720 is true HD right? Doesnt seem that bad.

Winter's gonna kill my wallet. I'm actually debating between this and Enslaved.
zatrox  +   1913d ago
Actually, to consider it "HD", it's gotta be 1080x768.

Even so, the difference between those are highly minimal, plus, the 360 upscales, if I'm not wrong.

In other words, this is just silly fanboys fighting over nothing. Sigh.
OpenGL  +   1913d ago
Native 720p is 1280x720.
Sharingan_no_Kakashi  +   1913d ago
Well that IS troubling.
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Motorola  +   1913d ago
1280x720 is surprisingly small...smaller then my PC monitor.
iamgoatman  +   1913d ago
True HD is 1920x1080.
CobraKai  +   1913d ago
720p was marketed as TRUE HD and 1080p is marketed as FULL HD. I dunno if that changed now though.
#12.3.1 (Edited 1913d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(1) | Report
Sarcasm  +   1913d ago
Cobra, I think it was marketed as both.

Then again, it's a wash considering they say anything with 1080 lines is "True HD" like 1280x1080
iamgoatman  +   1913d ago
I always thought one was just HD and the other was True/Full HD. Quite frankly I couldn't give a shit about it's specific marketed name.
IHateYouFanboys  +   1913d ago
"True HD" and "Full HD" are just marketing terms invented by TV companies like Sony to sell TVs. there is no such thing as 'full HD' in technical terms, nor 'true HD'. its either HD, or its not.
bailoutbenny  +   1912d ago
Forget the HD term
Anything with 720 horizontal scan lines progressively refreshed is 720p. Anything with 1080 horizontal scan lines progressively refreshed is 1080p.

Aspect ratio (4:3 vs. 16:9 vs. a custom aspect ratio) is what controls the number of pixels per scan line.

4:3 (1.33:1) at 720p = 958 (957 if rounding down) pixels per scan line.
16:9 (1.78:1) at 720p = 1282 (1281 if rounding down) pixels per scan line.

This game has a 1.42:1 (similar to IMAX format, shy of 3:2) aspect ratio at 720p.

Resolution is the total number of pixels as determined by the number of scan lines and pixels per scan line.

All of this subHD vs. HD talk is marketing nonsense to confuse consumers.

Obviously better resolutions are more pleasing to the eye, as are certain aspect ratios for artistic requirements, but technical limitations also need to be considered for framerate and memory targets.
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spawn89  +   1913d ago
they said that the ps3 is the lead platform for this game there was an article when the anouced vaquish but since they made bayonetta bad on the ps3 i don exept something god from them but i hope im wrong
milohighclub  +   1912d ago
bayonetta was made on the 360, then ported to the ps3. didn't any one read the stuff yesterday when the game went up, people are saying it looks the same on both consoles.
Nicky7  +   1913d ago
OMG you know what this means. FIGHT!!!!
I HARLEM I  +   1913d ago
lucifon  +   1913d ago
I'd imagine the PS3 version will be the same minus the AA, as 2x AA comes at no hit with the 360's GPU. Or it'd just be identical. Pretty sure it'll look decent on both platforms, they won't make the same mistake as they did with Bayonetta.
#16 (Edited 1913d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(8) | Report | Reply
sajj316  +   1913d ago
Possibilities are:

- same resolution, no AA
- same resolution, quincux
- 720p or slighter higher resolution than 360 version, no AA
k-Lan  +   1912d ago
I'm sure the difference between the two versions will be minimal. At least it gives us something to complain about ;)
hybridtheory12   1913d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(1)
Kroganwrex  +   1913d ago
From what I have seen/heard, It seems that since the ps3 was the lead platform, this team wanted to avoid another media lashing over an inferior ps3 version and so both have been compromised to ensure a steady framerate on ps3 unlike on bayonetta.

IN OTHER WORDS : This development team are fucking morons and can't get it through their thick shit brains that they need help developing for the ps3, so now both version get reduced to keep em "even". Even then, the ps3 version has no AA and 360 version and 2XAA. I dont care about resolution, for me its truly the game's art style and other effects which appeal to my tastes, not how many pixels it has.
buying1999   1913d ago | Spam
guzman  +   1913d ago
@Kroganwrex: Whoa relax there, you're getting rage froth everywhere.
bigwheelstuntshow   1912d ago | Spam
MegaMohsi  +   1913d ago
Here's the article..

He basically states the PS3 is the lead platform but the way he was speaking in the article, I think both games will have similar resolutions and AA, PS3 might use the Quincrux AA like other Capcom games
sayonara89  +   1913d ago
It's not a Capcom game...
milohighclub  +   1912d ago
ahhh i remember reading that,so their basically saying that they dont have experience using ps3. yeah they could do it on xbox because they have exp. with the 360, but if they got the most out of the ps3 then they wouldn't be able to do it on the 360
KratosGirI  +   1913d ago
Does it really matter?
The game is gonna kick ass regardless of whatever resolution difference it is.

Play the game, not the graphics or resolutions.

Only graphic whores and fanboys care about this shit!
Unicron  +   1913d ago
Pretty pathetic this article has more hits than the actual gameplay article not 2 posts below it.
testerg35  +   1913d ago
Is there an exact resolution for 720p and 1080p? I thought 1280x720 is 720p and I understand calling the 360 version subHD. I thought 1080p is 1920x1080, but GT5 is 1280x1080 so that's not true 1080p?
#22 (Edited 1913d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Sarcasm  +   1913d ago
Yes 720p is 1280x720 and 1080p is 1920x1080

Yes GT5 is 1280x1080 thus is not true 1080p but still has 1,382,400 pixels which is 44% more pixels than 720p.
midgard229  +   1913d ago
meh, 360 has sub hd games and ps3 used to get sub hd games, guess it 360's tturn to get burned, tho these games actually count (ff13 and vanquish)
XabiTheHumble  +   1913d ago
This is more proof why multiplats aren't an accurate measure of what a console can do, its basically going by a flip of a coin now for which version is better. When will xbots learn this?
xg-ei8ht  +   1913d ago
Just got the PS3 version. It's

2560x1600 @ 60fps full motion blur, x8aa with move headtracking, full force rumble. 2d.

3d version only runs in 1920x1080.


It's not up yet:)
smashman98  +   1912d ago
Who disagreed with him he was joking... and unlike most people on this site... IT WAS FUNNY
rwest78  +   1913d ago
So how is this not HD?
It's 720p, as in 720 horizontal lines. I must've missed the memo where we started using vertical resolution.

How can 1024x768 be HD, you ask. The answer is, the Consumer Electronics Association has decided that any display with at least 720 lines can be called an HDTV and have the logo. There is some basis in fact for this because the human eye is more sensitive to vertical resolution than to horizontal resolution. This has been taken advantage of for years in NTSC because the horizontal resolution of NTSC is really poor. It is also taken advantage of in so-called HD-lite where the video is resampled to 1440x1080 on things like satellite, or maybe even shot with a 1440x1080 camera instead of the 1920x1080 camera you thought the network was using, and you probably didn't even notice.
damnyouretall  +   1913d ago
i own both machines, and i want this game. see, i can buy the best version and never ever ever have to bitch. feels good not to be a fanboy
milohighclub  +   1912d ago
you just bitched...
MR LOOKINGBILL  +   1913d ago
This just in ps3 version sub hd 960x568 lol.....just kiddin there is no blur on the 360 version at all. remember folks 720 is considered hd standard resolution.
#28 (Edited 1913d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(6) | Report | Reply
tudors  +   1913d ago
I cannot believe people...
are moaning when the game looks this good.

Related image(s)
tudors  +   1913d ago
It like mass effect on steroids.

Related video
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