Shank Review (ZTGD)

ZeroTolerance writes, "I love reviewing downloadable games. It seems developers and publishers get more of an opportunity to take chances on titles. EA has been on a role now with the recently released DeathSpank and now Klei Entertainment's action side-scroller Shank. What makes Shank so special is not its inventive game design, but more the style it conveys. Seemingly ripped straight out of the pages of a graphic novel, the art style of Shank really stands out in a sea of traditional brown and gray action games. It also helps that it plays like something straight out of an 80s arcade, complete with everything guys love: blood, booze and guns."

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Joule2664d ago

Great review, anybody know the length of the game? I plan on buying it.

Elimin82664d ago

3hrs SP normal about 4-5 on hard..... 3hrs multy...

AliTheBrit192664d ago

Just played the trial, pretty impressed.