Super Metroid to blast Wii next week

Nintendo Co. on Wed. announced that it will release the classic title Super Metroid to the Wii Virtual Console next week.

The Super NES title will be available on Aug. 20.

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time2die3961d ago (Edited 3961d ago )

I dont normally do retro and i buy next generation consoles for next generation games..Saying that i will download this classic super metroid as i think its probebly the best game that ever got released on this system.

Its about time they started giving us retro classics and not the crap they are drip feeding us at the moment..

Bring it on...

Wave race 64 was another nice touch and something else i would consider.

Hey but how about ?

Blast corps
Perfect dark

To name but a few...

ItsDubC3961d ago

Perfect Dark was my favorite N64 game by far. I'd love to see it released on VC too but there may be some licensing issues w/ Rare now working closely w/ Microsoft.