Bioshock is Not being released early

No matter how great the game looks or how jealous gamers are of the people who got lucky due to Toys R Us messing up and selling it before the 21st, the fact of the matter is Bioshock is NOT being released early.

Brendon Lindsey, Editor In Chief of Gamernode just got off the phone with one of the PR guys over at 2K. According to him, this whole situation was just a broken street date by some Toys R Us employees who didn't know Bioshock had a street date (or didn't care), and the resulting snowball effect that caused. At this point 2K isn't entirely sure why so many Toys R Us stores went and sold the game early ("It's not like street dates are a new concept"), but they are going to look into it once they put out this fire. (Check the update below for one reason why the street date may have been broken so widely.)

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TriggerHappy4058d ago

This does not explain how some people got their hands on the game though

BlLL GATES4058d ago

why you even would buy this crappy ass game is beyond me.
buy something meaninful, stop wasting money on the 3fixme

Shuriken 5254057d ago

I think wittle Bill is jealous... ;-)

redsymphony4058d ago (Edited 4058d ago )

this game is already on torrent sites so im taking it they got there hands on it some how lol

Marceles4058d ago (Edited 4058d ago )

RE: RE: So guess what i have in my hands....
Body: It's Bioshock!!! Yo!!!

My local toys r us had em... so i used a 20% off coupon to pick up the normal version. I have a friend who wants to get the normal version anyways so i'll just sell it to him and pick up the collector's when it comes out.

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From: Andre Jackson
Date: Aug 15, 2007 12:43 PM

If it's Bioshock...*shakes fist in anger and jealousy*. But you wouldn't buy the regular version a week before it came out, right? Unless the pre-order came early for you :-O

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From: David
Date: Aug 15, 2007 12:25 PM

just guess.

I just called the same Toys R Us he went to and they said they have them in stock right now. I hope they'll be some left when I get off from work :-S

JustInTlME4058d ago

i missed getting one at my store by 5 mins, they had just pulled them

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