The World is Blu

According to a report by Media Control GfK International regarding international high definition sales during the first half of the year, Blu-ray is benefiting from a nearly 3:1 sales advantage in non-US countries. The report states that 650,000 movies were sold on the Blu-ray format the first two quarters, compared to only 240,000 on HD DVD.

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ALIEN3868d ago

BLU-ray is winning the format war. Basically the PS3 is the best BLU-ray player, which you can enjoin a bunch of great games too.

coolmatrix3868d ago (Edited 3868d ago )

You got it my friends. Xbox360 Elite is the world's most COSTLY DVD player.

Then you have 360 Premium, 360 Core, 360 Halo Edition with HDMI, 360 Premium with HDMI.

Lots of expensive DVD players to choose from. of the cheapest BLURAY players out there. Hmmmmmm.

MS sells a DVD player for $479.99 and people love it. Easy money!!!!!

Shadow Flare3868d ago (Edited 3868d ago )

LOL i never thought of that, but you're forgeting something...

The Xbox 360 is the worlds most expensive dvd player AND the world's most unreliable dvd player.....and the xbots LOVE IT!!!

PS3 is the worlds cheapest bluray player and is more reliable then the friggin dawn chorus

BlLL GATES3868d ago

hd-dvd can lick my balls.

just like the 360.
and the xbots. oh, they especially love my c0ck.

akira3868d ago


neogeo3868d ago

I hate how Microsoft is forcing everyone to get a DVD player built into every system. I NEVER ASKED FOR A DVD PLAYER! I was perfectly happy with the old CD roms in last gen systems. 650mb is plenty of room for this gen. just look at how long Gears is! Heck with enough compression you could fit Metal Gear or Final fantasy onto a CD rom. Just take the 50gig game and compress it so hard that you can run through it faster then a Warioware mini game.

Now do you Xbots understand how you sound when you B!tch about Blueray?

fanboy3868d ago

You made me laugh so hard that I peed alittle in my pants...
Keep it up! :)

MK_Red3868d ago

"The World is Blu" cute title. Anyway, more good news for Blu-ray.

Lord Anubis3868d ago (Edited 3868d ago )

Yo listen up: here's a story
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That lives in a blue world
And all day and all night and everything he sees is
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'Cause he aint got nobody to listen: ...
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Artist: Effiel 65

Title: Blue (I'm Blue)

Phantom_Lee3868d ago

I miss that sound!!!!
I even have it in my computer!!!

bubble for u~ my brotha~

Kenshin_BATT0USAI3868d ago

What song is that? I had that song in my head dorever and don't even know the name.

artist too please.

Ares843868d ago

I know that song "Blue" it was one of may favorites back in.,....what?? 99?? I think!

Charlie26883868d ago

@Hellbringer: Dude is your avatar of that SNL sketch?!!!!! @[email protected]

cmrbe3868d ago

The blu-ray camp should use this song for the ads hehe

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quiddd3868d ago

Sony and their Blu-Ray partners should consider lowering the standalone players just to get more in movement in their standalone players.

ENNO3868d ago (Edited 3868d ago )

blu-ray has over 3 times the sales that of why do they say that they are winning at every conference?

akaFullMetal3868d ago

i think he meant blu-ray is 3 to 1 over hd-dvd