Haze Hands-On, Abilities, AI and Online detailed by Kotaku

Rob Yescombe is worried. Not that Haze won't be critically received, but that the innovative shooter might be overlooked in the pre-holiday glut that threatens to deliver half a hundred must-have titles in three months.

The challenge Haze faces right now is one purely of Yescombe's doing: Everyone is focusing on the game's fascinating story, penned by Yescombe, which seems to turn an eye on both the nature of gaming and the nature of modern warfare. But in all of the talk about the deeper meaning of Haze's plot, gamers seem to be losing sight of the fact that that's not the only thing that makes this particular shooter different.

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Cartesian3D3993d ago (Edited 3993d ago )

may be some ppl think they are rude ( compare everythin in their game with other titles like Halo or Bioshock )

but imo they are just kidding and want ppl to look carefully to their game...

gameplay wise its sth new,special and impressive.. and I will buy it for sure..

it will be a Beast in multiplayer shooters.. believe me


it wont kill anyone.. it will be a new GOOD game : "HAZE"

and Killzone wont kill HALO 3 , its like u say : T-Rex can kill a Lion ( may be T-rex was more powerfull but they are in diffrent time and location )

ParaDise_LosT3993d ago

Halo fans never compaired the two...
It was all Ps3fans and free radical with thier constant jokes....
why insult and compare the game to the obviously bigger product if you KNEW the bigger franchies would overshadow them.......
and now their Begging NOT to over look haze because of halo3?

Seriously now.....Thats just Stupid of them.....

They brought this to them selves and just for that
Haze deserves even less attention then what its getting...

I've lost all respect for this game now...

Arkham3993d ago (Edited 3993d ago )

You're so dense that you obviously can't comprehend Free Radical's well-known sense of humour.

This last bit about Halo/BioShock has been a laugh-fest for many of us who have enjoyed their games in the past.

If you can't identify sarcasm, then you *really* should stop reading news/forums online.

I can't *wait* to see how you people respond to Timesplitters 4, which is "gearing" ;) up to take the p155 out of all the big game franchises.

Hey! Want a monkey?

ALIEN3993d ago

will be great. I like the vehicles and the weapons, I wonder how many missions is Haze going to have. HAZE will be great, but i don't think it will kill HALO3, that's KZ2 job.

spammy_nooo3993d ago

LISTEN UP UBI!!!!! so H.A.Z.E has great A.I. huh? i thought the ps3 couldnt handle it? oh well.

i probably wont get this for ps3 cuz im gonna be out of money for a while because of other games higher up on my list. Also im guessing when it comes out for 360 it'll be a LITTLE better because they will have more time to polish it. ill make my decision then.

boi3993d ago (Edited 3993d ago )

anyways damn so many games and I been saying that alot lol

I do think people isn't interested in the game because they are a fanboy to another console or Halo fan or because they think its another fps...

ghettocheeze3993d ago

Some of this stuff sounds awesome to me. Nectar overdose, grenades, play dead, shoot nectar pack. This game is quietly shaping up to be a very good and deep game this holiday season. I can't wait.

killercam193993d ago (Edited 3993d ago )

i'm sorry but this game reminds me of far cry which was to me very "OK" minus the nectar dont attack me but am i the only one who feels this way

Jeremy Gerard3993d ago

This is just another FPS, and if it were a 360 only game that is what everyone would be calling it! No reason to get all hyped over this game as it is one of far too many FPS coming. Since it is a PS3 timed exclusive everyone is acting like it is some sort of ground breaking feat of innovation, no one cared about this game until it was announced as timed exclusive to PS3.

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