4 Things to Consider Before Complaining About the XBL Price Hike

The new pricing for Xbox Live Gold membership hit the internet yesterday, and immediately a wall of grumbling went up from Camp Green. In the US, the new pricing shows an across the board increase; up $10 on the annual option.

Before you join the grousing too heartily, consider a few things.

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BlackBusterCritic2793d ago

"This is good business."
You know what else was good business? The following:
1. Releasing crappy hardware a year early.
2. Charging 149.99 for hard drives
3. Removing the rubber bumper from around the lens to save 25 cents per console at the expense of having your games scratched.
4. Holding a portion of your $60 games for ransom, that can only be fully utilized by paying Microsoft's now $60 a year subscription.
5. Telling gamers that the Elite model has better hardware, but it still RRODed on us all.
Do I need to continue with the GOOD BUSINESS decisions at the gamer's expense?

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Philoctetes2793d ago (Edited 2793d ago )

In fairness though, all of the things you listed really were good business decisions for Microsoft, because as we've seen people are happy to keep putting up with it, and there are always fanboys on the internet who are willing to write articles rationalizing stuff like this. As long as Microsoft can keep fleecing its customers with impunity, why shouldn't it do so?

ABizzel12793d ago

It's wrong to charge people more for the service.

But I believe they're doing it for the Kinect update.

Supposedly there's going to be an increase in audio and video quality for the service so users can do video chat, and there's suppose to be other features to add as well.

But at the end of they day I truly believe that XBL cost less than half the price MS is charging consumers. There are supposedly 25 million Gold subscribers and if they pay for the year that's 1.25 billion dollars all for MS. So why are they losing studios, exclusives?

I'm not one to force my opinion on people, but I'm happy I have a PS3.

atticus142793d ago

its not whether the fact you can afford it or not, its the principle of it. Once everyone is used to paying 60 it'll be 70. And the service in itself is a joke... p2p networking with the xbox you bought working as the server and the internet you pay for as the bandwidth host costs Microsoft zilch and they're making you pay for it.

If you cant figure that out it means your paying Microsoft again to use the console you already bought along with your internet connection you already pay for.... Its basically the utorrent service of gaming consoles as far as networking goes.

I just hope sony decides to stay free when PS4 releases...otherwise it'll be back to exclusive pc gaming for me.

rockleex2793d ago (Edited 2793d ago )

#1. Lube

douchedebater2793d ago

Does any one of you above my comment have an XBL Gold Account, Or an XBOX 360?

Just curious.

Garnett2793d ago

I had a 360, and i sold the dam thing, i barley paid the $7 a month (i didnt find any games that fun online) but you want me to pay $10 now?

If you want to check my gamertag its Deutscher Konig

rwarner1742793d ago

I will never own a XBL gold account. I was playing doom online in 1996 for free. Don't see why I should be paying for online gaming now. Funny thing is, in 2005 I was going to get an XBOX360 until I found out you had to pay to play online. I stuck with PC gaming instead and then moved to the PS3 when it was released. XBL wasn't a good decision if they wanted my business. Guess I am just not a sucker.

boodybandit2793d ago (Edited 2793d ago )

and I find it appalling that MS has raised the price even higher to game online when every other format to game online is free. They are not offering or have recently made any major upgrades to XBL to warrant this increase in price.

I don't understand how or why anyone would defend Microsoft over this decision.

douchedebater2793d ago

Not trying to beef guys, just curious. I don't think they should hike the price either, but, it doesn't bother me that much as it's just another 10 bucks for the year.

Perhaps it's because I can easily afford it.

boodybandit2793d ago (Edited 2793d ago )

^And there you have it folks. The single biggest reason why MS gets away with this nonsense and why we are facing a global economic meltdown from which we might never recover. People like you gladly willing to pay a fee for something that every other format offers for free.

Not only are you willing to pay for it but you are willing to pay MORE for it even though it's not going to offer you more value for that extra $$$.

I just love when I hear people justify their spending because it's peanuts per day/ month/ year/ etc. It sounds more to me like you are trying to justify it to yourself more so than you are to others.

BTW DB would you mind taking some photos of your mansion and luxury cars?
Hell I would settle for your XBL account info since you were so ready to believe anyone not thrilled by this increase is either not an XBL member or are dirt poor.

douchedebater2793d ago (Edited 2793d ago )

For every person out there willing to pay for what they want there's 10 more the would rather b!tch and whine about another 1 dollar here or another dollar there.

Don't try to judge me, jackass.

You want to take about waste, look at the people paying 1000.00 per night to stay in a hotel rooms. What about the person buying cigarettes, something that's actually killing them at 5 dollars a pack. Guys that pay money for hookers. blah blah blah etc.

I don't mind spending 60 bucks for XBL, and now I'm the reason the economy is the way it is? PLEASE, give me a FCKin break! People double dipping in the welfare system, people stealing software (which causes prices to increase.), People stealing movies, etc. Theses are the things that raises prices and cause people to not be able to afford thing.

So, before you try and call me out jerk, try taking an economics or a business class. DOUCHEBAG! BTW it's Booty not Boody.

ARBitrator2793d ago (Edited 2793d ago )

They are just going to disagree with you and take bubbles. There is no reasoning with these guys. Trust me. This is a pro microsoft article so expect the PS3 fanboys to troll it. And if it was a anti-microsoft article, they would be here troll it also.

I totally get what you are saying. Perhaps "BOODY" is jealous because you don't have to search his couch cushions to find spare change to buy a game as he does.

I don't know, but I agree his comment was some serious BS soapboxing.

Edit: Initially all you did was ask which of them actually owns XBL or a 360, most of the responses were people who may have had it in the past but don't own it anymore (AKA PS3 FANBOYS).

kane_13712793d ago (Edited 2793d ago )

happen, not to be thae rich kid in high school that don't understand how har is it to earn money.

the other 10 happen to be those that work for every cent/penny/öre etc.
those ten happen to understand that how expensive 60$ can be.

now, either answer the dude, or shut the fuck up.


oh yeah?
well, pls, the man who can reason, can you explain and reason the 60$, heck, 50$ to pay for xbl?

dragon822793d ago (Edited 2793d ago )

If someone owns a PS3 and an Xbox 360 and decides to sell one because they don't think its worth it anymore they are suddenly a fanboy of whatever system they decide to keep???

I am sorry but that kind of stupidity just makes my head hurt.

simplyRealistic182793d ago

@Douche Debater

im giving you a bubble for that response to "boody"

Im going to be the first one who says i will not pay $60 for live, i dont see the point, but i dont complain about it like these whinny bitches on this site

I dont even post on this site anymore because there is no reasoning with anyone,

I like the PS3 more than the 360, i havent payed for live in 5 month, so this will not help, microsoft are jerks and get away with this, you may not have a problem with it but those extra things add up, and you have to remember there are people in this world who have kid and other thing

But what Boody said was him being a Douche, theres no reason for trying to blame you for the economy,If you dont want to pay dont pay, im going to pay eventually but i will never buy the full year one, most of my friends has xbox live and dont have a ps3, so i will have to pay to play with them

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BXbomber2793d ago

lol i seen this guys vids on youtube ur awesome!

bustamove2793d ago (Edited 2793d ago )

I just knew there would be articles defending this. This is like a relative telling a wife to take the abuse her husband dishes on her every day.

And the site's name is fall damage. Lol.

xchris92x2793d ago (Edited 2793d ago )

This is nothing that. It's a slight increase not freaking abuse, it's not that big a deal, hopefully it will bring some decent features down the line.

JeffGUNZ2793d ago

Thank you Chris, someone with a brain. They are increasing the price to provide better and more innovating features. XBL has always been excellent, I don't see them f*cking it up now.

Knightmare2792d ago (Edited 2792d ago )

"It's a slight increase"

It's a 20% increase, not a slight increase.

Someone needs to retake math...

Edit: And the other one obviously needs a brain -_-"

Christopher2793d ago (Edited 2793d ago )

***1) It’s still the best service available.***

Yes, for online gaming.

***2) Nobody pays full price.***

Actually, most people are ignorant and _do_ pay full price. They're not like most people here who shop online for the best deals.

***3) This is good business.***

It is good business... for just the business, though. People are right that this increase is coming with nothing added to the core feature list when it comes to games. It's all features for other functions that don't necessarily do anything for the majority of people who want to just game online.

***4) This is a preemptive move.***

Okay, this is a great reason to complain about the service... probably the best one out there. You're saying that they're raising the price now before others start charging more for their own gaming features? Prior to Activision doing monthly subs for CoD? Prior to EA's online pass going full swing?

So, you are saying that your final argument is to support the primary complaint on this change that Microsoft is just doing it for the money and not to support new features for gamers?


In the end, this is a good business decision for Microsoft, and pretty much just for Microsoft and those who use XBL for core gaming purposes (and any of the other features in addition), because it will make them more money. Now, let's just hope this results in more features that everyone can appreciate in the long run.

cemelc2793d ago (Edited 2793d ago )

1- Its the best service??? how??? cross game chat???, have you tried the psn service? cos im sure have tried live and psn i still eludes me that mayor difference.

2- Yeah true that, but now the deals will be around 10$ more so is a hike even for the deals.

3- Wrong i dont want to pay more for ESPN, i have Direct tv for that, why would i want to pay extra for something i alredy have...

4- This part fail on so bad its just no funny:

Do tou realize that if cod start charging subcriptions youll be paying 60$+ MW2 subscription, or do you think M$ in the goodness of their heart will pay that subscription for you... LOL.

BTW whats the problem with the online pass? the only reason youll have to worry about it, is if you buy a second hand game, in witch case youre not giving them money... at all, to the creators, the ones that took the risk of creating a game. Why should they care about you, as far as they are concerned youre a leecher in their server and to some degree is true.

Its not a good business decision, its just a plain old rip off.

Christopher2793d ago (Edited 2793d ago )

Cemelc, you _really_ need to improve your reading comprehension.

1. XBL is the best online gaming experienced based on the statistics.

2. You're arguing a point I'm not defending.

3. You're arguing a point I'm not defending except from the standpoint of the business making more money.

4. You're _really_ arguing a point I'm not in the least defending. And, I'm one of the biggest supporters of the Online Pass concept for used game sales. Check my post history.

It is a good business decision, it's just not a good customer-based decision. Why? Because in the end they will make more money off of this, no matter how much people here complain.

rroded2793d ago

pay the price or dont play...

ms has every 360 owners jewls in the vice if they want ta sqeeze em they will....

marinelife92793d ago

I pay $60 for a game to own it. I don't want to have to pay an additional fee in order to enjoy the other half of it.

Roozium2793d ago

I've had my elite for 3 years know, It works perfect. You're the one that needs to stop throwing shit on your gaming consoles.

sikbeta2793d ago

lol @ "good business"

for who? the dudes that pay for something every other person with no x360 can access for FREE?


Immortal3212793d ago

the 360 is not a console for this(me) hardcore gamer. I still had warranty for the 3rd console but, I was to insecure of it breaking on me the 4th time.

JeffGUNZ2793d ago (Edited 2793d ago )

Dude, hate to break it to you, but if the system breaks three times on you, it's most likely user error, if it ever even broke on you or if you even ever owned an xbox in the first place. People here are so immature. How come the magic number is "I went through 3 Xbox's...." If you really went through 3 xbox's then you need to take care of your stuff better. I don't know ANYONE in my life who actually went through more than 1 breaking. Actually, I had one Live friend who had 2 die in 5 years.

Scotland-The-Brave2793d ago

How ignorant can you be? you think that 50-60% (RROD statistics) of RROD was due to user error? No, it was because microsoft built shitty quality hardware. Obviuosly there would have been some user errors, but no where near what you think.
Also i know of about 10 people that has replaced their xboxes more than once. Infact most of them 3,4,5 times. And now about half of them have jumped onto PS3

EvilBlackCat2793d ago

I have seen you before and im trying hard where... mmm...


HERE >>>

CimmerianDrake2793d ago

1. Easier to navigate, and communicate, and organize a group. With Cross game chat and party chat used as an example over PSN.

-Well, for starters, Cross game chat can't be used as an example for gathering a group, since the premise behind it is that you are talking to someone playing a different game than you are. Maybe it works for setting up FUTURE groups, but can that really be considered? And is that really worth paying extra for when there are things like, oh I don't know, messaging systems and phones? Easier to navigate is subjective. I have absolutely no problem finding anything on the XMB or in PSN store. It's all neatly categorized and easy to see.

2. Nobody pays the full price.

-This is the most pathetic justification for unethical business practices I've seen in awhile. No need to even touch this.

3. It's good business.

-Why should we be happy, or care, that it's good business? Are we getting any of that money? Are we given the choice to opt out of this price hike because we don't need the useless ESPN addition or whatever? No? Thought so.

4. It's a pre-emptive move.

-Lame argument. Why should we be happy that MS is trying to milk more money out of us before the next person does?

Horrible article.

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zoks3102793d ago (Edited 2793d ago )

The only thing we need to think about is our allowance or disposable income, dont factor M$ into this equation, they make Billions a Quarter so no sympathy for them, where as most of us here most likely dont crack $40k a year and have to pay rent/mortgage, car loan, and school loans out of that. People are on a very tight budget now a days.

Screw M$, $10 price hike is too much, and it surely is not worth it, not while the competition offers nearly the same thing it for free.

Raendom2793d ago

1. Free internet browser, with facebook, twitter, youtube layouts specifically for PS3 as well as on-demand TV services such as iPlayer and Crackle.

2. Free online multiplayer, with free content being offered for games in some cases.

3. Video store, game store, classic PS1 store,comic store, and better gaming services such as Qore and FirstPlay.

4. Additional services coming such as : Steamworks, Square's OnlinePlay and more. I.e. you can't play MMO's with the PAID service of XBLA unless you want to play VERY old and uninventive ones.

This is 4 reasons, I think with a little help we could expand this to at least 10... :O

Deafman4202793d ago (Edited 2793d ago )

But I don't care for ESPN. Im already paying for it thru my cable service.

Microsoft: Too bad, wanna game with your buds, pay up biyatch!
Microsoft: OH, and here, take some ads with that!

Me: Aww [email protected]!

2793d ago
ironcreed2793d ago

Just stop talking to us like we are blind and loyal subjects who need to donate more money because you are 'giving us so much.' That may work on some of us, but not all of us. This is nickle and diming and charging for something that is FREE elsewhere... period. Your 'better value' argument is a joke at best.

Now, kindly stop insulting our intelligence. "Core gamers will love Kinect", "We are increasing the price of Live because we are giving you the best value."... Just ugh. Microsoft is really making me sick here of late.

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