Finish the Fight: Turning Point: Fall of Liberty Gameplay Trailer

Fight your way through a war-torn New York as you start the rebellion that'll free you from Nazi oppression.

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jodonn084018d ago

thats solgan sounds a little bit familar

InMyOpinion4018d ago

Finish the fight! Hmmm...something that starts with Ha and ends with lo?
It looks kinda fun though. I like the art direction and it looks to have some breathtaking settings.

MK_Red4018d ago

Yeah. I've heard "Finish the Fight" before. In a much bigger and better game. How original: Fight to Nazis to "Finish the Fight".

MK_Red4018d ago

Name and other issues aside, I think the game needs a lot of work. Graphics aren't really hot. In fact they look worse than "Hour Of Victory" and the game has some of the worst looking textures I've ever seen and exceptionally bad weapon models and design.

beavis4play4018d ago

textures do suck, but i like the revised history storyline.

THC CELL4018d ago

anyone getting sick of new york

ALIEN4018d ago

I've heard that before. Is it HALO3 that you are suppose to finish the fight? WELL! i guees we will have to finish the fight twice.

MK_Red4018d ago

These devs really need to come up with new settings (New York), new enemies (Nazies) and new tagline (Finish The Fight).

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The story is too old to be commented.