Average return on an XBLA title is 156% over 12 months

At his GameFest lecture on Xbox Live Arcade development, platform manager Mark Coates revealed fascinating stats on the growth of XBLA games, including chart-toppers Street Fighter II and TMNT.

Coates offered stats on the Xbox Live Arcade service in addition to those given out yesterday by Microsoft casual division manager Marc Whitten, which showed Microsoft predictions of 45 million downloads and more than 100 games on Xbox Live Arcade by the end of 2007, as well as a 156% average financial return over 12 months for Xbox Live Arcade titles published so far.

Coates revealed an average friend list number of 23 users, and statistics on both the top selling and most-played games currently on the service.

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Omega Kaze4057d ago

More and more new independent developers can make themselves known by starting on xbla. New Ideas will come with it as these developers take risks. More games like little big planet and katamari will be on the rise!

power0919994057d ago

This means that we will see a decent rise in these games. They are obviously worth the dev time.

Good to hear.

Daxx4057d ago

I love the XBLA so much. It's like my own little personal arcade that I go to. It's a great thing to use to kill time whenever I'm waiting for my online friends to come online.

ben hates you4057d ago

would like them to have something like tie fighter or downloadable xbox games like the ps3 has the psone stuff

Sayai jin4056d ago

I do not know what this has to do with Sony, but good; I hope they do, competition achieves excellence on both sides. Although, PSN is far from offering what XBLA, but it is free. I have only used PSN twice, downloaded Tekken and Heavenly Sword Demo...

BIadestarX4056d ago (Edited 4056d ago )

I like that many fans always bring the "free" argument...
aside from multiplayer... what can a gold account do that a silver account can't?
So, what does anything on this article have to do with gold accounts... you see all these games.. you can download demos and purchase them... without needing an xbox live gold account. A silver account have access to the entire marketplace, voice chat, messenging, demos... all for free...

So the way I see it... the only thing that you can do on PSN for free that you can do on xbox live is is multiplayer... all those demos that people can get on xbox live (everyone.. including people that don't pay for xbox live)... they are non-existant on PSN..

you heard that? free! so, xbox live is also free... for everything other than multiplayer... so when you say.. that PSN is free and then you go on and mentioned how you downloaded those demos... well... so... everyone can download almost 100 demos on xbox live for free.

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The story is too old to be commented.