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Submitted by AhmadVGArabia 1987d ago | news

Vanquish demo is available for download

VGArabia: The demo for the highly intense shooter Vanquish has arrived. (PS3, Vanquish, Xbox 360)

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TrevorPhillips  +   1987d ago
downloading now :)
Yi-Long  +   1987d ago
Too bad for us in Europe...
... we can't download it yet :( Dumb-ass Microsoft :(

Hopefully PSN will have it today as well.
JohnApocalypse  +   1987d ago
Its not Microsoft its Sega
Tito08  +   1987d ago
You can make a US and Japanese account, it's easy
I got all 3 accounts!!!! So no need for me to worry!!!!
AtatakaiSamurai  +   1987d ago
not too sure about this game. many seem to be very high on it but i've not seen anything that gets me. i guess i just have to have it in my hands to feel the gameplay.

one played the demo yet? is it good? how does it compare with other tps around/
monkeybizz  +   1986d ago
Im in the UK and grabbing from US PSN right now.
immortal84  +   1987d ago
I'm currently playing the game
OMG it's amazing.
Coffin87  +   1987d ago
so you can ..
surf the PS3 web browser while playing a game?
Did I miss an update? ^^
frjoethesecond  +   1987d ago
Ever heard of a laptop?
Garrus_Vakarian  +   1987d ago
Alright gonna download it now.
ShiNe-Box-  +   1987d ago
Is it any good?
danmachine  +   1987d ago
yes! woooooo YEAH
downloading this shizniz so excited for this demo.

wtf it isnt even available yet... way to destroy my hopes and dreams.
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TrevorPhillips  +   1987d ago
finished download, now time to test this game out :D
Sci0n  +   1987d ago
Dang not on PSN yet.
Merilya  +   1987d ago
Which Store? Cant find it in the US and JP Store
Xulap  +   1987d ago
Xbox Live Marketplace.
It will be available on the PSN Store later today.
Greek God  +   1987d ago
which store?
Guitarwolf  +   1987d ago
Xbox news not ps3
It isn't on the ps3 store yet. Not sure why this is in the ps3 section.
Greek God  +   1987d ago
Thx for the Info
kasasensei  +   1987d ago
"Vanquish demo is available for download"
okay but where? XD
danmachine  +   1987d ago
its not on psn yet
anyone know when the dead rising 2 demo is coming out?
Silentmerc3nary  +   1987d ago
Tomorrow. It's called Dead Rising: Case Zero.
mercsfan  +   1987d ago
Isn't that 360 only?
Silentmerc3nary  +   1986d ago
I think so.
Sci0n  +   1987d ago
Not on PSN Yet
Karooo  +   1987d ago
PSN is garbage
wtf how come 360 gets it earlier :(
mrv321  +   1987d ago
By a couple hours :P...PSN is getting it later today I think.
Karooo  +   1987d ago
it will update in a few hours. wanna play this with the DS3. Just checked on 360 its only for the US GT.
n4gno  +   1987d ago
Poor pathetic braindead sheep paying 10$ more for playing online ? :)
Natsu X FairyTail  +   1987d ago
-MD-  +   1987d ago
Watching Dexter so I don't want to turn on my 360. Anyone get a chance to play it yet?
TRU3_GAM3R  +   1987d ago
Which psn Store?
rakunado  +   1987d ago
Is it on the xbox aus live service yet??? god I hope so.
Kurt Russell  +   1987d ago
it is, but they've removed the colour so nobody there gets offended :)
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teedogg80  +   1987d ago
Definitely gotta try this out before I head to work.
jaosobno  +   1987d ago
Can anyone describe it for us working people? Is it any good?
LeonSKennedy4Life  +   1987d ago


Just try it.
Megaman42xX  +   1987d ago
I knew I forgot something, Thanks.
I also went through the tutorials And there's a few other things. A blade launcher weapon, and a rocket launcher. You can find upgrade boxes throughout the level that will, well upgrade your selected weapon. Also the slow-down can be activated by hitting A in a direction and then holding LT
Megaman42xX  +   1987d ago
I liked it, here are some of the things I was hoping to figure out.
The slowdown seems to be auto. It activated when I got shot a lot. If you hold the dash for too long you overheat and aren't able to use it for a few second. You're able to swap out any gun for another you see on the ground using RB.

Guns I've seen so far:
Assault Rifle
Machine Gun
Heavy Machine Gun
Sniper Rifle
Emp grenade/Basic grenade

LB to dash
RB Reload
LT to Aim
RT to shoot
A to Dodge/Roll (no jump)
B Melee
X didn't seem to do anything
Y Throw Grenade
jaosobno  +   1987d ago
Sounds great, thx for the info dude!
teedogg80  +   1987d ago
@ Megaman42xX
X is used to take cover. Anyway this game is REALLY good. I'm sold on it now for sure.
matt4107  +   1987d ago
when wll the psn store update
Guitarwolf  +   1987d ago
PSN usually updates between 4-6pm cst. Unless of course we get this sooner which would be a nice treat.
admini756   1987d ago | Spam
Bloodlyte  +   1987d ago
Not in the EU PSN store or EU Live Marketplace......... yet!
jaosobno  +   1987d ago
EU is tomorrow. If you have US account it should be available today.
riksweeney  +   1987d ago
"OK guys, do you want the good news first or the bad news first?"
"Bad news"
"Xbox Live is going to cost more from September"
"The good news is that you get the Vanquish demo a few hours before the PSN!"
"Wooo! That almost makes it worth it!"
HungPHAT  +   1987d ago
True ! The PS3 is the Lead platform ! Don't believe me ? Just google it guys ...anyways day one for sure ... Ya RDR was a xb port that turned out meh and Mafia 2 was a shitty port from the PC ! Vaquish was made on PS3 then ported to XB ! Just like Hot pursuit and Metal of Honor will be this year
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iistuii  +   1987d ago
Don't get
Too exited. It was meant to be lead platform for RDR and Mafia2 and look what happened there. It's multiple format, need say no more.
jaosobno  +   1987d ago

RDR - no lead platform, game developed by two separate teams. Since game was developed on GTA4 engine where 360 was lead, well, you get what I mean.
Mafia 2 - PC was lead.

Please don't insinuate that PS3 lacks power. You know very well that that isn't true (even most prominent sites mention PS3 as the most powerful console). After all we have visual and gameplay masterpieces (exclusives) to prove you wrong. The best looking games of this console generation always came from sony first party studios and no matter how much you try to deny that, the games speak for themselves.

In all honesty, when PS3 is lead, 360 version doesn't suffer. When it's other way around, PS3 suffers. Most developers prefered 360 because it's essentially a PC in a different box (and most developers come from era before consoles were strong - PC developers) and PS3 actually requires you to use your brain when developing and learn new things - this is obviously something that some developers dislike.

As a PS3 owner I'm glad to see that developers are starting to switch to PS3 as lead. In that case nobody gets damaged. 360 owners shouldn't care because they do not suffer a drop in quality when porting and PS3 owners can be happy because they get normal performance and graphics, so everybody wins.
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joydestroy  +   1987d ago
sweet! been itching to check this game out
versusALL  +   1987d ago
Crap, I'm still in school, can't wait to get out and download. Hows the demo, is it as fun as it looks.
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dtrain21  +   1987d ago
Downloading on my 360 FTW
jokia005  +   1987d ago
when can I play the demo on PS3?
ive been waiting so long. .
i wanna play before sleep. PLEASE.
bramabull80  +   1987d ago
This might just be
my favorite multiplatform title of the year
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