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Yi-Long2491d ago

... we can't download it yet :( Dumb-ass Microsoft :(

Hopefully PSN will have it today as well.

Tito082491d ago

I got all 3 accounts!!!! So no need for me to worry!!!!

AtatakaiSamurai2491d ago

not too sure about this game. many seem to be very high on it but i've not seen anything that gets me. i guess i just have to have it in my hands to feel the gameplay.

one played the demo yet? is it good? how does it compare with other tps around/

Coffin872491d ago

surf the PS3 web browser while playing a game?
Did I miss an update? ^^

Garrus_Vakarian2491d ago

Alright gonna download it now.

danmachine2491d ago (Edited 2491d ago )

downloading this shizniz so excited for this demo.

wtf it isnt even available yet... way to destroy my hopes and dreams.

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The story is too old to be commented.