New PS3 Gamercard Website is the very first high-quality PS3 Gamercard service. It offers you the chance to completely customize a card of your choice and show off your style of gaming to the masses.

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SmokeyMcBear3937d ago

uhhh gamercard.. or a thing you put in the sig section on forums... booooo

Odion3937d ago

so this isn't from Sony? or intergrated into PSN?

whackmushroom3937d ago

says they are planning on it .. you should probably read more and comment less

God of Gaming3937d ago

So does it update on its own like the 360 cards? Or is the data put in there by each gamer? I think sony needs an official gamercard that works well.. Then provide the data stream like MS does.. I really love what fans can do with the data streams on the 360 and it would be great to have that on the PSN also.

Staircase3937d ago (Edited 3937d ago )

First off, Power of Red: Your assumption that that is a 360 is indeed correct, congats! The 4 red lights means a cable isn't plugged in... So if you are trying to provoke people... you fail.

Topic: You may have seen the news about a gamercard feature seen in UT3. This is also seen in Home, but currently unaccessible. So to answer your question, it will most likely happen in the future. =)

Double-Edged3937d ago

is where real gamercards are.

toughNAME3937d ago

bubble for truth
love that site

power0919993937d ago

Since you felt obligated to bring XBox into a PS3 discussion I will make my own statement.

"4 -
is where real gamercards are."

Repair facility - is where the real 360's are.

If you intend on making a 360 vs. PS3 statment at least cover your bases or you just look like a lame fanboy.

As for this article it does not look quite legit enough for me. I highly doubt anything Sony would be pushing would require the small advertisement banners at the bottom of the page.

Just a thought. I could be wrong.

toughNAME3937d ago

gamertag/gamercard isnt that difficult to make

especially since this isnt any new technology or ...innovative at all

why wasnt this integrated in PSN at launch?

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The story is too old to be commented.