Former Ghost Recon developer joins Bungie

Former Ghost Recon developer for Red Storm Entertainment, Christian Allen, talks about his life and times at Red Storm/Ubisoft, and details his future at Bungie Studios, and possibly hinting at a new project already underway at Bungie Studios.

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Hatchetforce3989d ago

I have known Chrisitan for quite a while and the times I have worked with him he has been a great guy. He started out with his Rooster mods:


And eventually found himself at RSE. He will be missed but at least he'll be closer to his Alaskan pull and will doubtless do a fantastic job at Bungie.

Bnet3433989d ago

Hmm .... maybe a Ghost Recon-esque game featuring Spartans .... I can see that happening.

Hatchetforce3989d ago

I exchanged PMs with him this morning. I didn't ask I only know it is supposed to be different than GRAW.

The BS Police3988d ago

And you play as Marines instead of Spartans.

AbyssGravelord3989d ago

Yay I love bungie and hopefully they are making another great game!

otherZinc3988d ago

This is fantastic news because now I know BUNGIE wants to make another HALO GAME!

HALO 4 the WHATEVER? is on the way, thank you for your support.

Also, I know its going to be a good thing becuse all GHOST RECON GAMES especially GHOST RECON AW 2 were GREAT!