Call Of Duty 4: Beta test in Germany? Sign of Europe Beta?

A german site has described testing a beta of COD4 in german and tested it on August 2nd. Could this be a sign of a European beta that was asked for?

Full translation in link below:

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Coffin873447d ago (Edited 3447d ago )

this is no beta. this is the usk site, our damn german censorship company.
this is all about the demo for the games convention. that's it.
(this is a procedure that every trailer/demo for the LGC had to go through.)

Naluka3447d ago

Still isn't around the 24th August what most people are speculating for the release of the Beta? The release could coincide with LGC.

ALIEN3447d ago

is there going to be a demo for US?

Tempo3447d ago

i thought the beta was for xbox live, if not is it going to be cross platform test?