Ask Your Fallout 3 Questions From Bethesda

"Just how awesome will Fallout 3 be? Super awesome, or super mega awesome?

I've heard touching the Fallout 3 box will make the paralyzed walk. Will it also cure my herpes?

When will Fallout 4 be out?"

Ask these, and any other questions your heart desires on Bethesda's blog. The developers will be posting their answers soon.

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MK_Red3988d ago

Thanks. I'm a big Fallout fan (Avy) so I try to post every Fallout 3 news. Fallout FTW!

InMyOpinion3988d ago

Wow dude...your avatar is like sooo in that game. Awesome!

Syko3988d ago

MK_Red, You never told us you were in the game ;)

MK_Red3988d ago

Thanks :)
I set my avatar to this the day Official Fallout 3 site went live.