Evercool Xfan 360: Review

The Xbox 360 is arguably the hottest-running console ever created, and as such has been subject to shutdown and overheating problems. Fortunately there are a few aftermarket solutions to help cool your Xbox 360, and each offers several advantages and disadvantes, which will be discussed in this article.

Evercool's entry into post-market Xbox 360 cooling is their TG-XB1 external cooler, named the "Xfan 360". This cooler is an external unit that attaches directly to the console's plastic rear exhaust grill...

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Captain Tuttle3771d ago

Love the "Engrish". That's worth a read right there.

toughNAME3771d ago (Edited 3771d ago )

too bad M$ has me under there spell by using amazing games and an even better online service :D

(compared to other consoles)

Syko3771d ago (Edited 3771d ago )

While it is loud, I suggest getting a real sound system. Hell I can't even tell when my wife is talking to me in the same room it goes so loud.

1,500 Watts of Juice quiets it down nicley...

ReBurn3771d ago

But what about when you are trying to be quiet and not wake family members? Throw in Saints Row and all you are going to hear is the disc drive spinning.

ENNO3771d ago

are these products still being made...1 the dont help 2 the 360 should be fixed ¬¬

USMChardcharger3771d ago

continuing on the question why are these products being made...i feel like it would over stress the fans already inside.

i have heard more stories on how consoles broke after using these things (well, the intercooler...yet to hear anybodies experience with these)

I am with you Captain...the article was worth the read just for evercool's product description, lol.

rusgreim3771d ago

I've not had a single problem with my 360 and its from January of 06. I also cannot hear the unit as I have an actual sound system which easily masks the fans at all times (except loading).

Charlie26883771d ago

If you are talking about having NYKOs Intercooler be VERY careful cuz apart form the terror web stories ive read I know personally 2 people that bought it for their 360 after having worries about the heat and it actually killed their 360s faster due to the bad electrical design of the Intercooler

TJ Crucial3771d ago

I've heard quite a few stories about the Nyko Intercooler f*cking up tons of Xbox 360s. Apparently, since the thing runs off the USB power, it puts even more stress on the system and can fry it even faster. The best thing was, after I read that announcement, Best Buy in Canada started trying to give the things away for free with the purchase of a game or something!(GRAW2?) Way to go boys! Win a prize that f*cks up your sh*t! That made me hate and distrust BB...

Anyhoo, I digress, bottom line is I think this is just gonna end in tears like the Intercooler did...

That's some sweeeeet Engrish, BTW

Tone3771d ago

It doesnt run off of USB, it runs off of the 360's power supply... but yeah, i have heard plenty of horror stories about it too, they have suppose to have changed the design of it now tho, so where it plugs into the power socket of the 360, has now been changed into metal instead of plastic and now fits more secure, i still would probably not trust one tho!

TJ Crucial3770d ago

Yes, yes, I forgot. You're totally right, it milks the 360's juice. Kinda the same diff, I'm just glad I never had to get one!

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