Blu-ray: Exclusive new "Groundbreaking" features in "High-Definition Event of the Year" from Disney

Disney is touting its November 6 Blu-ray DVD release of Pixar's Cars as the "High-Definition Event of the Year," with plans to include several "groundbreaking" interactive features on the disc including picture-in-picture. One of these will be a "Car Finder" game in which viewers "race the clock" to find one of 214 models of cars hidden throughout the movie. Also including the revolutionary "Cine-explore" feature.

A trailer for interactive features is online at

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MK_Red3933d ago

I guess this is Blu-ray's answer to HD-DVD's pic-in-pic from 300. Disney is really a big supporter of Blu.

InMyOpinion3932d ago

Walt Disney knew how to hunt down jews & commies! And how to animate. But I think most of us will remember him as a proud member of Team McCarthy!

*Note to people with no sense of humor - This is meant to be ironic. I do love Mickey Mouse, and I adore Justin Timberlake and Britney spears just as much as you do*

XxZxX3933d ago

this thing is gonna be huge in holiday season.

MK_Red3933d ago

Agreed. I wonder when would Disney release big fan faves like Incredibles and Finding Nemo on Blu-ray.

Disney is really doing a lot for Blu this year because along with Cars, there is Pirates Of Caribbean 3 coming to Blu-ray.

solidt123933d ago

The Christmas item to have will be a Blu-Ray player.

Mr Murda3932d ago


Most people aren't that in tune with advanced tech like us geeks, and the majority of people are thinking about the stuff they need as opposed to luxury items like a Blu-ray player. I'm fortunate to have a PS3 and a 360 w/ HD-DVD, but that's because I can afford it and I pay attention to the tech involved with these systems. The VAST majority of people are still stressing about getting an mp3 player or digital camera, and won't be thinking about a Blu-ray player or HD-DVD player for another few years.

"Cars" having pic-n-pic or a mini game in it isn't going to send people clamoring for a PS3 or a Blu-ray player. This is obviously good news for Blu-ray to get some of these interactive features like HD-DVD has, but it's hardly the deciding factor in people moving towards the next gen movie formats.

cdzie13933d ago

HD DVD's been doing picture in picture for over a year, how is this groundbreaking? Besides, they are faking it, it is not using dual video decoding like HD DVD, instead they are making it a 50 GB disc and printing the movie twice, once with the normal movie, once with PiP. The difference with HD DVD is that on most discs, you can turn the PiP on and off in real-time.

Azures3933d ago

You can't stop blu-ray at this point. Even most sony haters can't deny this format war is already decided.

cdzie13933d ago (Edited 3933d ago )

If this format war is already decided, then you're saying PS3 has no chance, right?

HD DVD has a bigger market share in high-def movies than PS3 has in games.

tethered3933d ago (Edited 3933d ago )

I can see into the future.
cdzie1's avatar 8 to 12 months from now.

MK_Red3933d ago

Did you read the article? The pic-in-pic is NOT the ground breaking feature, "Car Finder" with "race the clock" are.

3933d ago
Azures3933d ago

Why did you try to turn this into an anti-ps3 discussion? This is how HD-DVD is so outpaced in the US (the only market their is a format war, everywhere else hd-dvd is almost non existant), and how blu-ray is the exclusive format of choice for a vast majority of the movie industry. Not to mention having more players (whether they're independent or ps3s is inconsequential, its a means in which to play the format).

HD-DVD can't win, Blu-ray controls too much. Which format is superior is meaningless.

PS3 vs. 360 is fun still, but this format war is just getting dumb. HD-DVD will be absolutely dead before '09.

Gizmo_Logix3933d ago

"HD DVD has a bigger market share in movies than PS3 has in games."


Maybe you need to compare apples to apples next time (movies are already been made, just not printed). Games on the other hand have to be developed. Sit tight...

Ri0tSquad3933d ago

hes just mad he brought a paperweight

ENNO3933d ago

I sold my HD DVD drive because I have a ps3 now...i wish i never bought the HD DVD drive,it was like selling rice to a china man!!no one wanted it...for a good reason!

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