The Best StarCraft II Custom Maps Right Now

Gaming Union: "Starcraft 2 has been out for about a month now and while the multiplayer is certainly fun there are times where you just want something different. Most will immediately start thinking of DotA, but as luck may have it there are a lot of very cool, very different alternative games out there. Some require a lot of players to have a good time, others only need two or three, but all of them show off an impressive display of creativity. So if you're getting tired of the typical StarCraft grind, or are just looking for something fun to do with friends, why not check out a few of these custom maps. Guarantee they'll be worth your while."

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mephman2756d ago

PartyCraft sounds awesome!

ShawnCollier2756d ago

Yeah, it does sound pretty cool.

Sanrin2756d ago

Thats because it is awesome!

Tarmgar2756d ago

PartyCraft is like Uther party from WC3 if you've played that. Exactly the same concept.

xJxdOggyStYLe2755d ago

battlecraft and desert strike are GREAT....same with marine arena

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Hardedge2756d ago

Haunted Temple sounds like fun!

JDouglasGU2756d ago

yeah definitely going to check it out once i get around to finishing the campaign.

jdktech20102756d ago

Nexus Wars is fun but there's a bit of a learning curve at first but once you figure out how income and unit pathing works, it's a lot of fun (Play on low or with a really fast connection though...lag city)

I might try party just seemed like a quick crap map that was put out but it sounds like it's actually put together well

This is a month after release...give it time and we'll be amazed and shocked at the stuff coming out

eggbert2756d ago

is when you fight a noob team where all four players build on the top, and they only make banelings.

Darkfocus2756d ago

I prefer a game that actually takes time personally. I like a challenge, when I go up against people that bad it just makes me feel like I wasted my time.

Conloles2756d ago

Nexus wars is only really fun if you play with people who know how to play, if the other team all know and you have a noob on your team then your screwed.

PS3 Supremacy2756d ago

They need to bring back 3v3 zero clutter (islands)

mephman2756d ago

Have they made a new DoTA?

Darkfocus2756d ago

ya it's not as good though...

HoN and LoL are better too

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